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Say My Name | j.jk by Ichiranramen
Say My Name | j.jkby Everly
"When I say your name, stop." Childhood friends, high school enemies become closer through the works of carpooling. BTS Jungkook
black balloon // taekook by KUREJOSIE
black balloon // taekookby josephine
[UNDER EDITING] two boys cross paths at a party. a party that neither of them are supposed to be at. lowercase intended; all rights reserved side yoonmin & namjin
Jungkook smuts ;)) || ongoing by -mochivevo
Jungkook smuts ;)) || ongoingby leah ^^
boi its what the title says. sit back and grab your popcorn or whatever and enjoy.
her*j.junkook by -jeogkeok
her*j.junkookby b u m b l e b e e 🌱
the story that could only belong to her. "yet this harsh life we live shall never stop. not even in our dreams" ...
BTS Memes And More!!!(Slow Updates) by BTS4ever1212
BTS Memes And More!!!(Slow Updates)by Mochi Goddess
Memes and jokes!!!!! Credit to all creators of pictures, gifs, and memes.
The Dragon and his Prince || Taegguk by IrishSnoowflaike
The Dragon and his Prince || IrishSnoowflaike
A child born with wings and disowned by his family stumbles upon a kingdom, not any ordinary kingdom though. It's filled with people who are just like him, people who we...
Help Me//y.kook by Taegikook-trash
Help Me//y.kookby Love Yourself 🌸
-HIATUS- Jungkook was confused when he was thrown into a room with only a bed and a broken boy. or Yoongi was kidnapped and writes notes to himself and cries himself to...