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Falling, Fallen || J. Ackles by noormaco
Falling, Fallen || J. Acklesby Noelle
"I think i'm falling for him, no I have fallen for him" • • [ social media ] [ Jensen Ackles ]
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little winchester by fvckinwrite
little winchesterby -shrug-
While Sam and Dean were looking for their father, they come to find out that they have a sister... Not only is their father sending them around to solve cases, he also i...
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Purity Shirts by ms_insecure
Purity Shirtsby Ms. Insecure
{short story} There was a boy and Jensen was his name. No one called him Jensen, except Jester. Still, Jester sometimes called Jensen Jenny but sometimes Jensen didn't w...
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Spn imagines by bookgeek11012
Spn imaginesby Impala67
I don't take request but i will be doing almost all of the main characters, (Dean, Castiel and Sam) I might do people like Charlie and Gabriel in the future if people ar...
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The ring by Hap_Har
The ringby Ranii♥
انظرو الي هذااا ارجوك لا تقتلني انها سارقه نريد ان نستعيد ما سرقته اظن انها النهايه..... Lucy hale Jensen ackles
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Broken Promises  by starfclls
Broken Promises by starfclls
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Breeze ⊱ Newt M.R ⊰   by CerealSouce
Breeze ⊱ Newt M.R ⊰ by SmolIrishPotato
❝ did you ❞ Maze A ❝ Heh....powers I guess? ❞ Elizabeth ▲▽▲▽▲▽▲▽ Elizabeth is a survivor from maze B. Escaped from WICKD with two other girls and now lives in...
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Supernatural Blurbs  by lovingreckless25
Supernatural Blurbs by elise
random thoughts I turned into short stories about dean winchester ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i will be editing these as i find mistakes in them, so bear with me please ~~~~~~~~...
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