Jalyx - Lose You by jalyxlol
Jalyx - Lose Youby jalyxlol
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cheater - a jalyx fan fiction by its-ian
cheater - a jalyx fan fictionby ian
lower case intended.
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Jealous. A Jenndrea Fanfiction (Jenn McAllister and Andrea Russett) by okaypleasedonot
Jealous. A Jenndrea Fanfiction ( okaypleasedonot
Jenn, Andrea, Arden, and Lauren all live together again. Jenn is in a happy relationship with Alyx. And Andrea is jealously single. (SN: Jenn and Alyx have never admitte...
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Bullied by magcon and o2l (book 1 of the series) by mantle_gibson101
Bullied by magcon and o2l (book natalie_mantle
I'm faith miller,I'm 16 years old have light blue eyes and brunette hair with green and blue highlights. I like to cheer,sing,dance,draw and make YouTube my s...
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Deleted chapters  by Dantheman234
Deleted chapters by Dantheman234
These are chapters from the joys of being a mom. And adopted by JennxPenn that didn't make it into the books. They revolve around Jenn and Maddison and Dan and Claudia a...
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OBSESSED |kian lawley fan fiction| ON HOLD by diamondpages
OBSESSED |kian lawley fan fiction| aliyah
"I don't know who you are but you need to stay the hell away from me." I said answering the no caller ID call sternly, the shakiness in my voice clearly evide...
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Edit That Out - Jalyx by its-ian
Edit That Out - Jalyxby ian
so many people would say that there had always been tension between Jenn and Alyx. Love tension? Sexual tension? Well, both. But neither girl was sure what sexuality the...
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adventuress - jalyx one shots by its-ian
adventuress - jalyx one shotsby ian
one shots - jalyx
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Black Jeans | Jalyx by jennxalyx
Black Jeans | Jalyxby jennxalyx
Alyx can't get enough of the way Jenn looks in those black jeans, Jenn doesn't seem to notice her stares.
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the truth by itsjimmybruh
the truthby Jayme
jenn is finally ready to open up about her sexuality with the help of alyx. Hate not seeing alot of Jalyx fanfiction so i decided to write one. First time writing anythi...
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That Broken Girl ⇒ Kian Lawley by kiwilolli
That Broken Girl ⇒ Kian Lawleyby Hallo It's Haleigh!
i think i hit the point in my life, where i'm just done. i cried, i fought, i tried, but everything is crashing down. my demons are screaming louder, trying to eat awa...
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Evolution Of Us - Jalyx  by jalyxlol
Evolution Of Us - Jalyx by jalyxlol
How Jenn and Alyx went from friends to best friends to girlfriends
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Cold and Warm || Jalyx by GoldenDallon
Cold and Warm || Jalyxby j🌠
~Where Alyx sees the cold as Jenn tries to make it warm~
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Cia (A Cameron Dallas and Lia Marie Johnson Fanfic) by xxsxhxrxx
Cia (A Cameron Dallas and Lia xxsxhxrxx
Lia Marie Johnson is a Youtube sensation who meets fellow Vine Star Cameron Dallas. Will they soon fall in love? Find out by reading this teen/romance and experience the...
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Instagram ~S.W.~ by kittgkitkat223
Instagram ~S.W.~by Jones
Just another Instagram story with some boys 😏
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Please Don't Leave Me (Jalyx) by ThatStalkerEmma
Please Don't Leave Me (Jalyx)by Emma
Jenn McAllister is a young actress, living her life to the fullest with her best friend Alyx Weiss, until one night when she has a one night stand with a stranger and en...
  • gay
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high school Sweethearts (Andrea and Jenn fanfic) by Toomuchshipping
high school Sweethearts (Andrea Mallie
Andrea and Jenn were high school sweet hearts but in Senior year Andrea broke Jenn's heart when they had a terrible break up. What happens when Jenn go back to old her h...
  • drama
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FOUR LEAF CLOVER ♧ AWSTEN KNIGHT  by crazycuriousity
❝ IM ACTUALLY STUPID FOR YOU, YOU BIG BLOCK HEAD! ❞ in which a boy in a band meets a girl with a camera [ WATERPARKS ] [ AWSTEN KNIGHT X FEMALE OC ] [ FANFICTION ]
  • geoffwigington
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Holding On To You | jalyx by blurrymcallister
Holding On To You | jalyxby blurrymcallister
a jalyx fanfic.
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Killing Me To Love You (Jandie) | Josh & Andie | Foursome show, Awesomess TV by arfmckmctrm
Killing Me To Love You (Jandie) | arfmckmctrm
Who would imagine that Homecoming would end up in such a gigantic clusterfuck? One night... Broken friendships, shattered trust, confusing feelings... Will the foursome...
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