Suicide by Loveyall88
Suicideby Loveyall88
Lucas Dobre is probably the most nicest, sweetest, and fun person you've ever seen. But you don't know behind the scenes. Have you looked at their Twitter feed? I'm goin...
  • jennxpenn
  • music
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all of the stars • jenn/alyx  by fxckxdparadise
all of the stars • jenn/alyx by mom™
cute jalyx fanfiction bc no one has been writing any
  • girlxgirl
  • youtube
  • alyx
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cheater - a jalyx fan fiction by its-ian
cheater - a jalyx fan fictionby ian
lower case intended.
  • jennmcallister
  • ayydubs
  • jennxpenn
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Pet | hs (on hold) by preciousharold
Pet | hs (on hold)by offline
He had many pets, but she was his favorite. [On hold for a long while]
  • harry
  • jennmcallister
  • dark
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Now She's Popular | Raura by rileystylinson
Now She's Popular | Rauraby riley bing
He Leaves Behind A Suicidal Girl, Who Happens To Not Only Happens To Be His Best Friend But The Only Girl He Has Ever Loved. But Him Leaving Never Gave Him That Chance T...
  • santanalopez
  • rockylynch
  • brittanyperice
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Temporary Fix | Josh&Andie (based on FourSome) by dcprived
Temporary Fix | Josh&Andie ( °₊·ˈ∗(ૢෆ癶◡癶ෆ) ૢ∗ˈ‧₊°
"pain is permanent, Josh" "Can I be your temporary fix then? Let's see what I can do about the pain" |fan continuation based on a YouTubeRed series '...
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Road Trip - Jalyx by Itaroken
Road Trip - Jalyxby Itaroken
Jenn and Alyx go on a road trip and talk about their feelings and how complicated they are. Forgive me. Some other stuff might happen, too. ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
  • lesbian
  • trip
  • emotional
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Bullied by magcon and o2l (book 1 of the series) by mantle_gibson101
Bullied by magcon and o2l (book natalie_mantle
I'm faith miller,I'm 16 years old have light blue eyes and brunette hair with green and blue highlights. I like to cheer,sing,dance,draw and make YouTube my s...
  • fabfive
  • andrearussett
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Holding On To You | jalyx by blurrymcallister
Holding On To You | jalyxby blurrymcallister
a jalyx fanfic.
  • jennxpenn
  • ayydubs
  • jalyx
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Jalyx - Lose You by jalyxlol
Jalyx - Lose Youby jalyxlol
  • jennmcallister
  • alyxweiss
  • ayydubs
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Please Don't Leave Me (Jalyx) by ThatStalkerEmma
Please Don't Leave Me (Jalyx)by Ur_Father
Jenn McAllister is a young actress, living her life to the fullest with her best friend Alyx Weiss, until one night when she has a one night stand with a stranger and en...
  • gay
  • jenn
  • ayydubs
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•adopted k.l by aestheticlawley
•adopted k.lby blurryface
Kian Lawley is a famous youtuber. he has always wanted a daughter. so he decides to adopt. Copyright © 2016 by calumsnows All rights reserved. No part of this publicat...
  • adoption
  • rickydillon
  • kianlawleyfanfiction
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Jennxpenn kidnapped by postmate by pandalogic
Jennxpenn kidnapped by postmateby Goodstorys4u
Oh no! JennxPenn is making a postmates video, but what happens when the postmate fights back? He is done with her games, and will do whatever it takes to get revenge. ...
  • kidnapped
  • youtube
  • funny
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Jealous. A Jenndrea Fanfiction (Jenn McAllister and Andrea Russett) by okaypleasedonot
Jealous. A Jenndrea Fanfiction ( okaypleasedonot
Jenn, Andrea, Arden, and Lauren all live together again. Jenn is in a happy relationship with Alyx. And Andrea is jealously single. (SN: Jenn and Alyx have never admitte...
  • roommates
  • fanfic
  • lauren
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desolate | fm sequel by magconphobia
desolate | fm sequelby S
  • kianandrea2
  • kianandjc
  • sequel
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Black Jeans | Jalyx by jennxalyx
Black Jeans | Jalyxby jennxalyx
Alyx can't get enough of the way Jenn looks in those black jeans, Jenn doesn't seem to notice her stares.
  • ayydubs
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  • jennxpenn
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Adopted by O2L by Kacikat
Adopted by O2Lby Kacikat
Helloo my name is Emma but my mom and one friend Hannah and yes one friend who only hangs with me when her cool friends arent around they call me Emi ! My story is im ab...
  • rickydillon
  • jccaylen
  • jennxpenn
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OBSESSED |kian lawley fan fiction| ON HOLD by diamondpages
OBSESSED |kian lawley fan fiction| aliyah
"I don't know who you are but you need to stay the hell away from me." I said answering the no caller ID call sternly, the shakiness in my voice clearly evide...
  • our2ndlife
  • rickeydillon
  • connorfranta
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lights down low! ∘ The Babysitter / All Night by rosewoodlace
lights down low! ∘ The $ christian michael $
≀When a group of run away teens in a satanic cult stumble upon a high school that's having a grad party, they take advantage of it as a hideout from the police, not real...
  • jennxpenn
  • horror-comedy
  • gay
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I'm Just His Foster Sister [#1] // o2l au by mikeycliffordskitty
I'm Just His Foster Sister [#1] ky clifford
"I'm not ready to be hurt again. Pain sucks." "So does living without love."
  • o2lfanfic
  • jconnorickianamevor
  • rickidillon
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