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Battle For The Crown  by Adivonna
Battle For The Crown by Villainous Empress
Princess Jennette was introduced on Princess Anthanasia's debut day, just like in the 'Lovely Princess' You would think, that Jennette would be immediately fawned over b...
The Princess With a Future Set in Stone by Adivonna
The Princess With a Future Set Villainous Empress
"You will be killed at the hands of your father. You will never have the family you desire. Your future has been set in stone" After Anthanasia's hears these w...
Life Of a Runaway Royal by Adivonna
Life Of a Runaway Royalby Villainous Empress
Anthanasia's Plan C of getting unto the emperor's good side was failed. But Plan B of running away was a success! How is her life after running away? What adventures wi...
Manwha One-Shot Fanfictions by Adivonna
Manwha One-Shot Fanfictionsby Villainous Empress
Looking for some manwha fanfiction one-shots? Like one-shots of 'Who Made Me a Princess' and other amazing manwha? Here's a compilation of them by @Adivonna.
Lucathy: Is it Meant to Be? {On-Hiatus} by Adivonna
Lucathy: Is it Meant to Be? { Villainous Empress
Two hearts that were sent back before finding each other. One being forgotten and one being beaten up by the past. Each time Lucas tried being with Anthanasia he was sen...