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baby jennie 😇 jenlisa g!p by alexisramos_104
baby jennie 😇 jenlisa g!pby alexisramos_104
jennie is an innocent little girl who loves teddy bears and the color pink. yes she may be 25 years old but she has a mental illness that causes her to act like a child...
Iconic night and days with you by sweeeetttsunnie
Iconic night and days with youby sweetunnie
A billionaire online game instructor that is a transgender and a billionaire girl who own the most known and the top 1 company in the whole asia of korea
JENLISA SMUTSHOTS by blackpink_yuh
JENLISA SMUTSHOTSby blackpink_yuh
(Mostly Lisa G!P) Jenlisa smut one-shots. Extremely detailed and hot. The more extreme kinks will have warnings at the beginning of the chapter in case people aren't in...
It was just a small empty room. this is just a short story of my dirty imaginations, i make these short because i make them when im sleepy so brace yourselves with a som...
HAUNT YOU [JENLISA - CHAELISA - BLACKPINK] Truth Revealed - Yari Park by JENLISA03270116
JENNIE KIM, LALISA MANOBAN, NEED A PLACE, TO TELL THE TRUTH. YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT, BUT THAT'S HOW IT IS. "Fame is the real drug. It's an addiction. You have a const...
Owned by LinnieManoban
Ownedby Jenlisa jL. Yadom
mature content 🔞 "Since I can't pay you, Since I'm useless, Since I'm nothing but a sex toy. I will let you shoot me lisa, end it now, if it's the only thing I can...
Favourite Ex (Jenlisa) by Peavey_sensei
Favourite Ex (Jenlisa)by PRQ
They said there are only two things why past lovers are still friends. Either they are still in love, or they never were. But does that mean Jennie Kim and Lisa Manoban...
ME AND YOUR BROTHER'S  by Bvlgari_23
ME AND YOUR BROTHER'S by Bvlgari_rolex
How can you get into her, if she have seven protective brother WARNING!! ⚠️🔞 GP!!!
Unexpected Love (COMPLETED) - (JenLisa FF Story) by KPShipper24
Unexpected Love (COMPLETED) - ( KPop Shipper
The story is about two young girls who'll find love in an unexpected moment. Lisa who knows who she is and accepted by her parents and Jennie who's still finding herself...
Stalker | Jenlisa G!P by alexisramos_104
Stalker | Jenlisa G!Pby alexisramos_104
Jennie has recently started stalking the mysterious Lisa Manoban. What she doesn't know is that Lisa is a very powerful gang leader and knows exactly who Jennie is and w...
my one and only by AngelicaSulit625
my one and onlyby your author angelica
this is my first story sorry if its ugly but i hope you enjoy more exciting episodes to come😉
WHERE WE STARTED [Jenlisa Original] by JL-SR_shipper
WHERE WE STARTED [Jenlisa Original]by JL-SR_shipper
Lisa Manoban and Jennie Jane Kim are best friends since high school and always together like no one can separate them. But as what they always say, there's always sadnes...
She's mine (jenchuLIcheang) (HIATUS) by Havennnie
She's mine (jenchuLIcheang) ( Havennnie
what would happen when Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé starts to develop there feelings..... in a same girl. will there friendship last? would they still be able to turn back wha...
Changes by jenlisa1278
Changesby Itsmeangieee
You changed So Much Lili...
Instagram ft.jenlisa by jennie_lisa_jenlisa
Instagram ft.jenlisaby jennie_lisa_jenlisa
Dear Jenlisa shippers, Deep down in our hearts, we all wish that the 'jenlisa' thing will be real and we will be able to witness it. Here is a little world with jenlisa...
depressed texts ➵ jenlisa by its_brutal_out_here
depressed texts ➵ jenlisaby its_brutal_out_here
in which jennie is depressed and lisa tries to cheer her up.
Let's not fall in love // Jenlisa by Reynurrr
Let's not fall in love // Jenlisaby Rey
Lisa, the daughter of YG, works at the YG company and is asked by her father to pick nine talented girls to work for the company. When she meets Jennie she hates her but...
What's Wrong With Secretary Kim Jennie! by SamBias23
What's Wrong With Secretary Kim SamBias23
An adult girl named Kim Jennie from a rich family had to find a job for a unfortunate fate at a "Manoban" company. Before interview her original qualificatio...
I Have crush on my professor by JENLISA_STORY9697
I Have crush on my professorby jenlisa manoban
boy po ang lisoo ( ) ibig sabihin po ay sinasabi nila sa mind nila yun