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Beating Hearts (UNDER ON REVISING)by Argon Joshua
|Beating Hearts| [UNDER EDITING] Love starts when your heart beats fast pero paano kung may taong nag mamahal sayo pero ang puso mo di tumibok mg mabilis manhid ka kaya...
Through Thick and Thin (Book 2 of the Jenelle Murphy Saga) [A HP fan fiction] by arrow_to_the_heart
Through Thick and Thin (Book 2 prim/miss barnes
**READ BOOK 1 FIRST** I could have never predicted this. Death Eaters still around, tracking me down. Becoming a fugitive, on the run with an Auror by the name of Nevill...
BFF with 1/5 of One Direction by JarahTomlinsonHoran
BFF with 1/5 of One Directionby Jarah Tomlinson-Horan
Jenelle and Zoey are best friends. They live together, they work together, they do EVERYTHING together. Living in Bradford isn't that unusal, except for one little detai...
strange things happened here (ON HOLD) by nerdy_girl_cx
strange things happened here (ON Cheyenne
"Ok that's creepy," I say. "What is?" Jaden asked. "You don't hear that?" I ask shocked. "No, what is it?" He asked looking ar...
The Lion and the Eagle (Book 1 of the Jenelle Murphy Saga) [A HP fan fiction] by arrow_to_the_heart
The Lion and the Eagle (Book 1 prim/miss barnes
My life hasn't been the best. True, I got accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at age eleven. Sure, I got into Ravenclaw, the House I wanted. Yes, I...
Jenelle Evans Fired from 'Teen Mom 2' by hypefresh-inc
Jenelle Evans Fired from 'Teen Hypefresh, Inc.
Jenelle Evans got the boot from Teen Mom 2 earlier this week. Evans was allegedly fired from the show, after an incident between her husband, David Eason and their famil...
OH MY GHOST (on going) by chimchim12443
OH MY GHOST (on going)by angelica
A story of a girl na na-coma dahil sa pag ligtas niya sa isang batang babae. Tanging isang tao lamang na nakakakita sa kanya ang makakatulong para makabalik siya sa kany...
Phased Moon by darkangel11912
Phased Moonby Jenelle
Atari, the princess, was in danger. On her 16th birthday a strange man came to the castle throwing her into the adventure of a lifetime. Alexander, a stranger known by h...
Conquering Your Fear-- And Loving It. by sellphones
Conquering Your Fear-- And Queen Butt ♔
What happens when Harry Potter's Number #1 fan, Jenelle Bernasor, meets her greatest fear--- THE Voldemort? Huh? When? How? WHY?! ♥ By: Minbiasedseok90
Poems sent by strangers by kibzy786
Poems sent by strangersby kibzy786
This is a collection of poems sent to me by random people who have recieved the mission of e-mailing a random poem to me on I think it's quite kool and...
Not Gone Yet by xforeverfreex
Not Gone Yetby xforeverfreex
Jenelle Brown, a 15 year old has run away from "the Society." They run every aspect of every person's lives, and have a special group to ensure the laws are ob...
The crazy weekend by Blairmo
The crazy weekendby Blairmo
A crazy true story about best friends hangin out together at a murder house and be scared out of your mind!!
Our Young Love by Destiny_Ribbons
Our Young Loveby Caeli Fadriga
This story is about best friends fall in love with each other. But at the beggining there not.