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Khushi Ki Khushi by suryakavi0912
Khushi Ki Khushiby Kavita Wadnerkar
My Arnavji who once claimed me as his world has even forgotten my existence in his life.... Once he had eyes only for me but now those same eyes don't spare even a glanc...
Bonded By Blood by CrazyAnimeLife1
Bonded By Bloodby CrazyAnimeLife1
Naruto and Gaara are close friends. And gaara wants to try something he once heard about. Blood Binding. Supposedly is deepens any bond. But there was a bit of a catch...
Saved By Him by mariamagalygg
Saved By Himby StoriesYouWontRead
"I told you before kitten, I don't like you going out with guys that aren't me." He said while he had me pressed against the school wall while I was waiting fo...
A Different Kind Of Love  by vk7512
A Different Kind Of Love by real pš 14.01.1994
" hey " I said while giving a light knock to the door " hi, what are u doing here? come in " he said trying to fix his tie, which he seemed to fail...
Touchy by JHopingYouStop
Touchyby JHopingYouStop
Taehyung and Hoseok become touchy...maybe a little too touchy. It's everybody's story. About a growing relationship, one falling apart, and an individual hating every se...
Izuku Yagi the once broken to the strongest man by mercywaithera80
Izuku Yagi the once broken to Kimmie jock
Izuku yagi,was a young and cheerful child but when he was diagnosed quirk less everything goes downhill.His parents neglect him and pay more attention to his twin Izumi...
Forever with Mr. Arrogant by ALoveForRomance
Forever with Mr. Arrogantby Nanette
Abrielle and Ace are now engaged again and everything is going perfectly again. Abrielle continues her modeling career while Ace takes on the responsibility of President...
A Beautiful Distraction by Xavantikax
A Beautiful Distractionby Avi~Husna💞
Story starts from sanskar's entry in serial like a mentally weak person ..... He is of course here to take revenge from maheshwari's for death of his love (according to...
Secrets We Hide ( A BTS X Bnha Fanfiction) by AceRazor
Secrets We Hide ( A BTS X Bnha Ace
While Izuku is away on holidays, Class 1-A discovers something shocking about the green haired teen. Something that will change the course of history
HOLDING A BUTTERFLY (𝕮𝖔𝖒𝖕𝖑𝖊𝖙𝖊𝖉) by ItsButterstar_
Sometimes in life, your thoughts becomes a black out. Failures pour deep down in your soul and ultimately your heart is held with grieves. Even if everything is worth it...
My Better Half (Completed) by shalinikaushik
My Better Half (Completed)by Khong Chan Oon
Krist and Singto are newly married couple and their marriage is arranged marriage. How to be they closed to each other after that. Their real life started when they fall...
Special Hinata by AnimeWeeb2648
Special Hinataby AnimeWeeb2648
Hinata Shōyō is an average high schooler, or is he? There's something he's been keeping from everyone, and he don't know how much longer he can hold it in. What does he...
Itona Horibe x reader one shots by BorderlineMimikyu
Itona Horibe x reader one shotsby Arson
Just for all you Itona fangirls!
Preeran-love story by Dollly2003
Preeran-love storyby Dolly
The story starts from the bachlor party... Sarla sees sherlyn getting married to someone.... Peep in to know more...
You don't own me. by HoneyWatt3
You don't own Typicalh0mi3
She's head strong. has a bad temper. She fears nothing or anyone. cold and a real trouble maker. Davina Martinez the daughter of the Russian mafia's leader. With a very...
Claim By Jerk by amazingdream2305
Claim By Jerkby Sakshi
Sakhi Agnihotri 20 years old medical student studying in NYU (new York school of medicine) simple girl simple life. She is passionate girl about her work and studies and...
Fuck Me Till My Death by heyitsme125
Fuck Me Till My Deathby heyitsme125
What happens with 17 year old Kim, when she decides to give her virginity to a play boy? Read to find out
Marinette's Brother by writingboss123
Marinette's Brotherby Duchess
Marinette never told anyone she had a brother so when he came back they came up with an idea to make Adrien jelous.
Secrets for Her to Know and for you to Find Out by 15rainnn
Secrets for Her to Know and for r a i n ☁️
Ashley Dale Cliffton/Ortiz is a secretive person that no one knows what she do for a living. ****** Read at your own risk! Date started: April 24, 2021 Date finished: on...
minho x reader. by EmmaCoad
minho x Emma Coad
you wake up with no memories and to make matters worse, your in love with the boy who hates your guts. oh and it gets worse. you dont have a lot of friends and are super...