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From Rags to Royalty [Jellal x Erza] by DistantSpark
From Rags to Royalty [Jellal x ⚡ S P A R K ⚡
A story with a modern setting. What happens when Erza captures the heart of Prince Jellal? "We are gathered here today," the Minister begins, "to wed our...
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Unreachable ~Jerza~ by Rinko_Reign
Unreachable ~Jerza~by Rinko
After the day Jellal pushed Erza away before they kissed, Erza finally realized how much she really loved Jellal. The only problem is he seemed unreachable. Jellal, thi...
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Scarlet - A Jerza Fanfic by aaliyahchan
Scarlet - A Jerza Fanficby Writernxtdoor
A famous painter and a pizza girl fall in love. The typical love story like any other, first comes the get-to-know each other part, then comes the get-comfortable-around...
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Erza's got a problem (Jerza) by --ErzaScarlet--
Erza's got a problem (Jerza)by Erza Scarlet
After going on an s class quest on her own, she becomes a cat and is found by a certain blue haired mage and his guild members. Erza's world is then brought into a world...
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Forbidden by lonelycornerr_
Forbiddenby 😈💓
I'm not allowed to love her. She's too good for me. I don't deserve her. I hurt her. I need to atone for my sins. "I've already forgiven you, can't you see that?&qu...
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Forced To Marry by leahtigger7
Forced To Marryby Leah Richards
Natsu, levy, lucy, gajeel, juvia, jellal, erza and gray's families are rich with there own family businesses. Unfortunately all the family businesses are running out of...
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Unconditionally [A Jerza Fanfic] (on hold) by DeniseP123
Unconditionally [A Jerza Fanfic] ( Denise
Erza has not since Jellal since the Grand Magic Games and its driving her crazy, ever since that almost kiss she's felt the need to be with him, but when Jellal visits t...
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PAINTING THE ROSES RED , JERZA。 by importedbeverages
❝ ONE ROSE SAYS MORE THAN A DOZEN. ❞ His memories are stained in red, and now so are the roses. 2018 © importedbeverages STATUS : complete GENRE : fanfiction ANIME : fai...
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Erza x Jellal (Fairy tail smut) by shit-ideas
Erza x Jellal (Fairy tail smut)by Shit ideas
(Contains explicit sex scenes) This is a sex fanfiction of Jellal and Erza. Jellal is sad and Erza fucks him. Enjoy reading :)
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The Knight And The Outlaw (A Collection of Jerza Fanfics) by DarkTragician
The Knight And The Outlaw (A DarkTragician
As the name states, just a collection of stories from one of my favorite pairings in Fairy Tail! PLEASE LEAVE REQUESTS! I love writing requests, so if you have a plot id...
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Blazing Love ; Jerza by gruviastan
Blazing Love ; Jerzaby annika. ❥
Their love was afire - blazing and burning with pure passion. Until one day, the fire had to devour everything they had, leaving nothing but the ashes that were proof of...
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Fairytail's Strawberry Queen by ThomasStoneman
Fairytail's Strawberry Queenby Thomas Stoneman
Finally Erza sees Jellal again... but what's this about Marriage? HOW LONG?! Will Erza wait?
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♚ Until Again | Jerza Oneshot ♚ by LevyRedfoxxx
♚ Until Again | Jerza Oneshot ♚by Levy-Chan
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The Red String of Fate [ NaLu ] by mavisisntdead
The Red String of Fate [ NaLu ]by amy
With Lucy's new view on life and her new plan to stay in this world will everything fall in place? Or will things just get worse? PART TWO OF A FANFIC. READ "The R...
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Façade | Jerza by Blessism
Façade | Jerzaby aisha
❝Erza, they cannot define you, be it your chivalry, honor, or femininity. That's only something you can do. And just know, I'll always...I'll be there whenever you need...
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Intertwined by XxFluffehxX
Intertwinedby XxFluffehxX
Erza is the new student at Fairy Tail Academy. Life's great until she meets a certain bad boy... will love even blossom? Let's Find out. (Jerza) //Completed//
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Mages and wizards (fairy tail and Harry Potter crossover) by dragneel_heartfilia7
Mages and wizards (fairy tail dragneel_heartfilia7
It was a regular day at the fairy tail guild. Tables were being broken and Chairs thrown everywhere. That was until, a mysterious man with a long white beard named Albus...
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Fairy Tail JeRza - One shots by Amish_Barbara
Fairy Tail JeRza - One shotsby Amish Barbara Geraldi
a book full of JERZA One shots
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The Celestial Goddess Lalu Part 1 by uniqueisbetter
The Celestial Goddess Lalu Part 1by Kalia
Lucy is tired of not being as strong as the rest of her team mates when it comes to magical power. So she leaves. No one except master knows where she went or when she l...
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Scarlet of Sorcière | jerza by TheFairyHunter
Scarlet of Sorcière | jerzaby ten
❝I loved you when you were unlovable.❞ Highest Ranking: #1 in Jerza erza of crime sorcière | fairy tail | jerza
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