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Stone Cold by JOKES_ON_U
Stone Coldby S.C.
Tears sprung to my eyes as I looked at him. "why'd you do it..? " I asked. He paused his face softened as he looked at me, a smile spread to his face, his wo...
if serial killers had a groupchat by ed_sheerans_wife
if serial killers had a groupchatby mrs. sheeran
If serial killers had a group chat -- Im bored -- Just to clarify, I do not support any of these people and this story wasnt made to romanticize them/their crimes --
The love story of Jeffrey & Ted by morai_io
The love story of Jeffrey & Tedby Bleach is tasty
This is a joke but it's hot as fuck 🥵👌 I guarantee it's worth a read
The Daily Serial Killer Quotes by ImaginekillerQuotes
The Daily Serial Killer Quotesby Imagine
This book as quotes from all types of killers!!! i do this every day but i just started this one, p.s this is only my 1st book
Ted Bundy x Jeffrey Dahmer Smut by LazyHazy-
Ted Bundy x Jeffrey Dahmer Smutby LazyHazy-
all jokes. this is a smut. obviously. that's all i'm gonna say. also this is poorly written...
Jeffrey dahmer x Donald trump  by 1tskreg
Jeffrey dahmer x Donald trump by luna
He was a boy, and he was a boy, can I make it anymore obvious
Sweet Serial Killer by obsessed-weirdos
Sweet Serial Killerby Anna and Maria💞
(the story isn't gonna have an update again. Thank you so much for your love and support💞) Our story is real crime,it includes real serial killers but just a little bi...
Sweet Like Sugar | Jeffrey Dahmer FanFiction by 3m0l0rd
Sweet Like Sugar | Jeffrey DADDY DAHMER
The story is based on a made-up character dating notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. // This is all just jokes, no disrespect to the victims nor their families.
I Fell In Love With Jeffrey Dahmer by Crytosleepppp
I Fell In Love With Jeffrey Dahmerby crytosleep
i fell in love with Jeffrey Dahmer, it hurt at first, i accepted it, then i regretted it.
The JEffrey Dahmer Kurt Cobain theory by JeffreysBathtub
The JEffrey Dahmer Kurt Cobain A literal bathtub
This is a theory made by me on impulse at 3am
Jeffrey Dahmer Short Story by lootybooty_
Jeffrey Dahmer Short Storyby cнαzүgαℓαxү
Gives you a glimpse into the perspective of the victim. Trust me, you'll enjoy.
Jeffrey Dahmer by itzkxsh
Jeffrey Dahmerby itzkxsh
~Description In Progress~
°no one's gonna take my soul away° by vzoidetzvezda
°no one's gonna take my soul away°by 🥺
"In the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an angle, Looking to get fucked hard" - It was a night like any other. Dark, black, and also very dark gray, with the...
My wittle dracy poop😘💪😍 by shreeeeeeek
My wittle dracy poop😘💪😍by shreeeeeeek
Another story about two sharty mcwilliams' 🚶‍♀️👿🤞🗿💀😏 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩😈🥰😎🙂😟😟🥵🚨🤞❤️⁉️🐎🌝😢😋🕴️👭🐎🌝👭🚨🌝👭🐎🌝😋👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🐎
Oneshots and inserts ~♥︎✌︎︎ by SadCupCakez
Oneshots and inserts ~♥︎✌︎︎by LollipopGirl
This, is my book of random one-shots! From video-game characters, to real life pplz, its all in here..(if it's not will be •-•) ~REQUES...
MEMES by Nakh35
MEMESby Na kh.
This is a collection of memes categorized as follows : 1- School memes 2- relationship memes 3- Sassy and Savage Memes 4- family Memes 5- Dark memes 6- 2020 memes 7- ra...
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One shot (tcc,shooter) by lunaprice_
One shot (tcc,shooter)by lunaprice_
Un one shot de tcc et shooter. Je fait les tueur en série et shooter (mes préféré) mais vous pouvez me demander d'autre ;)