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Winter (Legends Of Tomorrow Fanfic) (ON HOLD) by JadeBunkert14
Winter (Legends Of Tomorrow Jade Bunkert
Erin Johnson was just a normal 16 year old girl. Until, one night a particle accelerator blew up giving her powers she couldnt control nor want. Afraid she would hurt so...
Legends In Love {Legends of Tomorrow} by Lucinda2015
Legends In Love {Legends of Lucinda2015
Based off of the Legends of Tomorrow TV show...basically I loved the show and thought hey what if I wrote in another character? And boom. This happened.
Legends {GleexArrowverse} by Adelia_Snow
Legends {GleexArrowverse}by Alex
Sebastian Smythe is invited by Rip Hunter to join him and eight others in a journey to save the timeline. Began: November 7th, 2018 Finished: ~
Outcasts /Sara Lance/ by BaileyScott1
Outcasts /Sara Lance/by Bailey
Eleanor Allen has been an outcast her whole life. One night, Rip Hunter brings her together with other outcasts. That night, Eleanor gains a new family. Eleanor gains a...
Legends of Tomorrow Preferences and imagines (book 2) by raysdemonhunter
Legends of Tomorrow Preferences el
Preferences and imagines for; *Raymond Palmer *Rip Hunter *Leonard Snart *Sara Lance *Mick Rory *Jefferson Jackson *Nathaniel Heywood *Zari Tomaz *John Constantine ...
Watching Sara Lance by Sara-Jane-Smith
Watching Sara Lanceby Poppy Snow
All of the people who knew Sara Lance are put in a room by a woman named Heather and a man named Liam. They are all told to watch Sara's life. people from right after th...
Dc legends Preferences by CieraLynn_Violet15
Dc legends Preferencesby Ciera
This story has choices,and YOU have to pick which person from the TV shows above and deal with the result. Following Characters I'm allowing in this: DC Legends of Tomor...
Prehistoric Woman (Ray Palmer/ATOM x OC) by Picklesperry
Prehistoric Woman (Ray Palmer/ Jessica
It all starts when Rip scatters the legends throughout time. As we all know, Ray Palmer (also known as the ATOM) is thrown back to the dinosaur age. What if he wasn't al...
Short Drop  ─ s. lance  ✓ by shadymcgrath
Short Drop ─ s. lance ✓by shay!
in which sara lance's daughter dies, and it's up to sara and the legends of tomorrow to save her life ★★★ (legends of tomorrow) (sara lance's daughter)
Brooklyn Archer //Book Four// - Legends of Tomorrow by MCWAYY
Brooklyn Archer //Book Four// - MCWAYY
Brooklyn is back for season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow **I DO NOT own Legends of Tomorrow, only my character**
Legends of Tomorrow Imagines by EchoWriting02
Legends of Tomorrow Imaginesby Echo
Hello anyone reading this. This is my first book I've ever done so I decided to do it on my favorite show. I will try and write an imagine for each character and I'm up...
Δ Immortals Δ Legends Of Tomorrow Δ by BeautifulVoid
Δ Immortals Δ Legends Of Tomorrow Δby ╰ Sara ╮
Δ "They say we are what we are, But we don't have to be." Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ In which they may not be the heroes of today, but they sure as hell will be the Le...
DC Legends of Tomorrow, Just a shadow by skoch21
DC Legends of Tomorrow, Just a skoch21
Casey Harper, thirteen year old ex protege, of the arrow, but know on has knows where she's been, she's been missing, but what happens when Rip Hunter decides to recruit...
Storm- Legends of Tomorrow {2} by super_marvel_
Storm- Legends of Tomorrow {2}by Multifandom Stories
They thought fighting Savage was hard last year? Oh just you wait. ------------------------ In which a group of dysfunctional heroes set out to save time. ...
Hearts of Ice and Fire | Legends of Tomorrow by mystichalo
Hearts of Ice and Fire | Legends mystichalo
"Every rose has it's thorns." Started -- 05/01/2017 Finished -- Disclaimer -- I don't own DC comics or their characters, plots, or dialogue. I do own my charac...
LIGHT [discontinued] by pad-foots
LIGHT [discontinued]by kas
IN WHICH a young girl joins a team of misfits to help save the world by travelling through time
Far From Home by TeeenWooolf321
Far From Homeby Joan
Alexandra Allen has had a hard life. She's had to navigate through the League of Assassins and a psychotic speedster who killed her mother. What will happen when a myste...
Supernova - Legends of Tomorrow by SuperDanvers100
Supernova - Legends of Tomorrowby SuperDanvers
Abigail Evans was an ordinary girl until she discovered she had these unexplainable powers. She has always tried to help others with her powers but alas she is no Flash...
scars - dc's legends of tomorrow {2} by heyyitsmadss
scars - dc's legends of tomorrow { maddie
"my scars tell a story. they are a reminder of times when life tried to break me, but failed. they are markings of where the structure of my character was welded...
Frozen - Legends of Tomorrow [Book One] by zukkkas
Frozen - Legends of Tomorrow [ Ema/Mags
Saying that she was a hero always sounded weird to Ramona. She wasn't, really, she was just a girl with a gun who wanted to do some good in the world. According to her f...