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AOT/SNK Preferences and Oneshots by HubDub1234
AOT/SNK Preferences and Oneshotsby AJ
~Eren ~Levi ~Armin ~Jean ~Marco ~Erwin ~Hanji ~Mikasa Requests are open. Oneshots and songfics are included. No smut or lemon. Maybe lime.
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Heroes|Erwin SmithXoc| by lmyntrx_F
Heroes|Erwin SmithXoc|by lmyntrx_F
Titans. Titans everywhere. They fight and win but if they lose they never lose their dreams, strength and hopes. They are the hunters and heroes.
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Attack on Titan One Shots by 6464minh
Attack on Titan One Shotsby May Blu
Attack on Titan One Shots: short stories pairing you, the reader, with the following male characters: Eren, Armin, Jean, Levi, and Erwin. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I also take reques...
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Every Rose Has Its Thorns by Darksummoner98
Every Rose Has Its Thornsby Darksummoner98
Mikasa is like a red rose, beautiful, graceful and her roots can either keep her alive or kill her. Secrets are like thorns, dark, sharp and better left untouched as Lev...
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New Girl || SnK Boys x Reader ✓ by Eisthee
New Girl || SnK Boys x Reader ✓by Esther
You have a rough past, your father leaving you for the Scouting Legion and dying, being a assassin, living in the underground, getting caught by the military police, and...
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Not The Same. [Jean x Reader] by Zero_Days
Not The Same. [Jean x Reader]by Tay
When Jean Kirstein meets (f/n) (l/n), he realizes she's not the same as the girls who love to gossip and be popular. Jean thinks she would fit in with his group of frien...
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You're My Idiot [Jean Kirstein x Reader] by death-the-otaku
You're My Idiot [Jean Kirstein x death-the-otaku
Five years after the fall of Shiganshina and the loss of wall Maria, you've become a cadet, hell bent on revenge against the Titans for killing the ones you love. You w...
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Attack on Titan CRACK! by trash_kiddo
Attack on Titan CRACK!by edgyyyyy
Just another crack book
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Twin Sister [Bertolt Hoover X Reader] {On Hold} by Kikker_Eend
Twin Sister [Bertolt Hoover X Yunega Terugo
You had been living outside the walls for 5 years, and became friends with villages from the outside. When you finally found the wall, you decide to join your twin siste...
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30 Day Of JeanMarco! by SmolTsukki
30 Day Of JeanMarco!by Emam
(*LOUD SCREAMING*) JeanMarco Fluff and stuff. Some sad stuff. Sorry Senpai :3
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The Bladed Titan (An Attack on Titan Fanfiction) by aggressivelygreentea
The Bladed Titan (An Attack on greentea
Jade Covert was a promising young girl. She could dance like a bird in the blankets of wind. She could run faster than the rain could fall. She could draw with the wings...
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Attack On Titan Imagines and Preferences And Headcanons by SavyOfficial
Attack On Titan Imagines and Sαʋყ
There will be: ErenXReader LeviXReader ArminXReader JeanXReader ErwinXReader MikasaXReader ConnieXReader __________________ WARNING ⚠️ STRONG LANGUAGE PG-13 EDITING INC...
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Glass Heart- Cinderella AU[Ereri/Riren] by Autumn_Minx
Glass Heart- Cinderella AU[Ereri/ Autumn_Minx
✔Completed!✔ Tall!LeviXShort!Eren Just a short story I have been writing in the drafts and thought I'd upload it all at once because why not! Eren is the underdog of th...
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The truth Untold Eren x Reader (Y/N) by TINGLYTINGS_
The truth Untold Eren x Reader ( hellooooo
"I don't have time to worry if it's right or wrong, you can't hope for a horror story with a happy ending." - Eren Jaeger Highest Rank: 5th ErenxReader 13 Ymi...
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Zombie Apocalypse - Erejean Fanfiction by creativelybad
Zombie Apocalypse - Erejean Writer :3
When Eren Jaeger has lost all keeping him going, he is given one final opportunity to help the world that turned to hell. When he meets someone unexpected, his world is...
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Erejean Oneshot by Idontdreamincolors
Erejean Oneshotby Kath
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Jean X Reader || One Shots by blindedbyheadlights
Jean X Reader || One Shotsby Tiana
Jean Kirschtein is an honest man; a man who holds little restraint in telling you how he feels. Despite being hot-tempered and seemingly too self-centered for your likin...
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Senior Year (Jearmin) [On Pause] by CaptainMei
Senior Year (Jearmin) [On Pause]by CaptainMei
A modern AU where Jean is a stereotypical jock and and Armin is the shy type. unexpected mess ups make unexpected futures.
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Aot Craaaaaack by Norgayyy
Aot Craaaaaackby Norgayyy
Just some random aot shit I decided to write... because a blue flamingo told me to. HE HELD ME AT GUNPOINT, WHAT ELSE WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?! Anyway, idk if this has be...
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Attack On Titan One-Shots by CindyVonOtaku
Attack On Titan One-Shotsby CindyVonOtaku
Welp... This to remind ya: Uno. I won't be active pretty much and it stinks. Due. Since I won't be active all the time, I, will not publish like each day so no promises...
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