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If I Stay by Jsullivanmusiq
If I Stayby JSulli Fanpage
This fiction story revoles around Jazmine Sullivan not being able to leave her abusive boyfriend. At some point in the story, Jazmine will soon realize that if she stays...
Testimony 2: Unspoken Truths  by janiayh
Testimony 2: Unspoken Truths by Niaa
It's been 9 years since Erica's death and everyone is still tryna cope with it they best way they know how. But when a secret starts to unfold, will the family be the sa...
Testimony  by janiayh
Testimony by Niaa
Erica M. Brakes , A 29 year old Woman/ Mother of 2 who has been through hell and back through out her life. Is now back where it all started. What happeneds when old sca...
Angel of Mine by crystalisking
Angel of Mineby crystalisking
Warning: Based off of true events "Angel Of Mine" When I first saw you I already knew There was something inside of you Something I thought that I would never...
All Trust On The Line by jaeecarter
All Trust On The Lineby —DoseUf.Nuu 🔥
Sequel to Trust You Ft: August Alsina & Jazmine Sullivan Again I dont own any pictures Own by google bing instagram etc All words wrote by me Copyright Jaee Carter #B...
HoodLove//Jason~Jazmine by aaliyah_jnae
HoodLove//Jason~Jazmineby 🧚🏾‍♀️Demii🌻
When Jazmine's mother went to prison and her father died, she became the druglord of her father's kingpen of Atlanta, GA. Then her childhood friend Jason showed up and g...
Say You Won't Let Go by Valestinee
Say You Won't Let Goby Valestine Carey
"I don't wanna say goodbye to you" I said to him softly. He had made a feel safe and whole again and I couldn't lose that. Hell I didn't want to lose him. &q...
Down On Your Luck by blavkvintage
Down On Your Luckby Vi
Jazmine and August have known each other for a long time, her cousin was dating him for awhile until she betrayed him. She was there through all the bullshit, tears, and...
Me And You(Sequel To The Love Triangle)(August and Jazmine) by rawestnerdever
Me And You(Sequel To The Love Tria...by DEEZ NUTZ
August Alsina and Jazmine Sullivan have a humble but bumpy relationship. It deals with insecurities, lies and secrets that could come to the end of a good relationship...
Our Foolish Hearts  by DaMaddHadder
Our Foolish Hearts by DaMaddHadder
This is mainly about Danielle and her one-sided relationship with her crush since middle school. She doesn't believe that she has a chance with him. He's one of those &q...
L.S.D by solangexbeyonce
L.S.Dby solangexbeyonce
I know I dream about her all day I think about her with her clothes off I'm ridin' 'round with my system pumpin' LSD I look for ways to say, "I love you" But I...
Call Me Guilty by Beau2fulCreation
Call Me Guiltyby Shakira Conley
"If you were in my position you would've did the same." All Jazmine wanted from her husband was to love her through compassion not beatings, but that was just...
Jazmine by theanonymous2
Jazmineby theanonymous2
Jazy has always been the winner on the hush, now she's blown up. Life for her can be pretty complicated and lovey, or soulful, or just whatever.
Music Is Lyfe by Ayo_Majesty
Music Is Lyfeby Kai'ree Smith
Music... simply described as phonics that turn into frequency waves that stir oceans of emotions that evoke some old thangs you'd need composure just to compose them. It...
Love, Family, Christmas by _LadySpirit
Love, Family, Christmasby _LadySpirit
Love, Family, Christmas: A New Edition Story Cast Holiday Fan Fiction Each of the five Summerland children have inner demons to battle this winter holiday season. Will l...
Need U Bad by aiynjel_
Need U Badby blasianbaby 🌻
She's always been the quiet girl at work that no one really pays attention to. She struggles everyday while her no good boyfriend mooch's off her money. She's in love wi...
Fight For Love (Revamped) by QueenReignsSupreme
Fight For Love (Revamped)by QueenReignsSupreme
Cameron Baker is the quintessential playboy. For the past year, his life has been wrapped up in the film industry & all the perks that come with it. Money, cars, clothes...