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red hood and Dami the true bond by Jaydami21
red hood and Dami the true bondby Jaydami21
Talia instructed Jason to raise Dami as she deceased, however jay bumps into Bruce, in this world, Bruce had killed the Joker after jay's Death.
~°•Damian Wayne one-shots•°~ by NasXtea
~°•Damian Wayne one-shots•°~by NasXtea
Just Damian ' im the blood son ' wayne Its my first time writing in English 😗☕👌 No Dami x reader i hate this $hit °\English is not my first language/°
JayDami Brothers in union by Jaydami21
JayDami Brothers in unionby Jaydami21
Talia finds Jason outside Gotham museum 8 months after she witnessed her child explode. She then brings young Jason to the league compound. after the Resurrection of Ra'...
a new home (JayDami brother story) by RowProductions
a new home (JayDami brother story)by Mari/Ace
After a huge fight with Bruce, Damian leaves packing his thing and taking some money. He soon is found by jason todd aka red hood who was on patrol WARNING ____________ ...
Dick & Jason: Team Year 3. by Jaydami21
Dick & Jason: Team Year 3.by Jaydami21
Dick is 15, Jason is 11. All other ages are canon.
JayDami: Apprentice by Jaydami21
JayDami: Apprenticeby Jaydami21
Young Justice Earth, Team Year 8. Though Damian is 8 instead of like less than 1. Jason Todd, was Robin during season 2 and died and came back within the time jump, and...
Robin 2: Young Justice by Jaydami21
Robin 2: Young Justiceby Jaydami21
Jason Todd has been Robin for just over a year now & when he's captured he betrays the team.
Damian Wayne and Jason Todd life in the manor by Jaydami21
Damian Wayne and Jason Todd life i...by Jaydami21
Damian and Jason are close, and after the death of Ra's al ghul, the Demons head, Talia, decides to sent both of them back to Bruce, spirals from there.
Love it's not enough by AlphaYue
Love it's not enoughby AlphaYue
Pequeños fragmentos de conversaciones que Bruce y Talía tuvieron a lo largo de sus vidas. #BruTal #SladeTal #WonderBat #JayDami
New life by AlphaYue
New lifeby AlphaYue
Damián simplemente no volvería a ser Damián nunca más. Y la claridad de que la única culpable de ello estaba frente a él ordenándole que se largara de su presencia como...
Corpo Lingua by Nina_Casillas
Corpo Linguaby N i n a C a s i l l a s
"Damian Al Ghul, el profesor de Pociones de Hogwarts se siente atraído a los problemas, y especialmente a uno, de ojos azules y con olor a tabaco, cuero y pólvora...
Talia's Darling (RE-MADE) by Jaydami21
Talia's Darling (RE-MADE)by Jaydami21
Takes Place on Earth 16 (Young Justice). Talia got pregnant with Bruce's child, but fled out of fear. 12 years later & Talia has 2 sons. one aged 11, & the other 7. (got...
ROBIN II by Jaydami21
ROBIN IIby Jaydami21
his time as ROBIN.
JayDami: Red Knight by Jaydami21
JayDami: Red Knightby Jaydami21
Damian is much younger due to him being sent away after a Death in the Family, which would canonically predate the year of blood event & Damian's superiority complex thu...
Jason Todd Chronicles by Jaydami21
Jason Todd Chroniclesby Jaydami21
Jason Todd had been captured, by the League of Shadows, presumed dead. However Talia had managed to turn Batman's partner to his side, now a new threat to the team is in...
Death by AlphaYue
Deathby AlphaYue
Damian ha muerto. Pero la muerte trae consigo mas que solo perdida y dolor. #JayDami #DamiRae
Red Hood: Insanity by Jaydami21
Red Hood: Insanityby Jaydami21
Jason Todd was only 11 when he died at the end of 2014. 4 years have past and after an encounter with Nightwing's new Team, he recovers his memory and sets out for Gotha...