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Aphrodite's Daughter by BonnieSara
Aphrodite's Daughterby Bonnie Sara
Feeling like a freak was something Isabella had felt all her life. Her mother had abandoned her when she was just a baby, and left her with nothing, but unexplained powe...
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Love at First Click | ✓ [Featured Story] by angellover254
Love at First Click | ✓ [Featured...by Angel
(Previously known as Facebook Crush? - Unedited version) It started out with a friend request. Violet didn't plan to fall in love-especially through Facebook, but she...
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Stay With Me - A Clato Hunger Games FanFic by RedWritingHood
Stay With Me - A Clato Hunger Game...by Jordy
A backstory on the infamous career tributes of District 2. How did they really get into the Games? What is it that set them apart from the other tribute pairs? Why did t...
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I'm Sorry, Did You Say Werewolf? (Watty Awards 2012) by osnapitzsarahhh
I'm Sorry, Did You Say Werewolf? (...by sarah
Alexa Creer is a 17 year old High School student. On the first day of her senior year she learns that there is a large group of new students enrolling in her school. Not...
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A Game of Chance [watty awards 2012] by Friday13thx3
A Game of Chance [watty awards 201...by S.J. Rhodes
Chance, your average cute nerd. Hunter, your average player. Chance and Hunter are best friends despite the social rules of high school. One night Hunter convinces Chanc...
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The Disappearing Act by JanaWilde
The Disappearing Actby JanaWilde
Breckyn felt unwanted and unloved for sixteen years, a square peg in this round world. When she finds she has an incredible new talent and she disappears, will anyone m...
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Flags, and Nets, and Cannons, and Rails for the Stairs (Watty Awards) by NicholasKidd
Flags, and Nets, and Cannons, and...by Nick Kidd
What does a father get his blind son for his birthday? What if that son doesn't have long to live? Yea, a whole town may say they "care" and send him teddy bea...
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Fragile ~Itachi Uchiha~ by Illusae
Fragile ~Itachi Uchiha~by Jennefer
Kaminari Yamanaka always thought she was strong, an affront to the nickname her dearest friend had so lovingly bestowed upon her. Orchid. A flower, delicate in it's bea...
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To Catch A Killer by MidsummerFay
To Catch A Killerby Merry
Four years after the death of his Ex-wife DCI Thomas 'Tommy' Smith is investigating a murder that is extraordinarily similar and not just because the victims were both w...
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Black Ice: The Rings of Belzantra by RLeighGale
Black Ice: The Rings of Belzantraby Rebecca Leigh
Darkness and impenetrable stone are all Mira knows. Sixteen years in a mine to pay off her father's debts has left her with hardly an identity. But when she finds a ring...
The Moonlight Chronicles (Book 1: The First Bite)(Complete)&Book2: (teaser) by Snow_Bear
The Moonlight Chronicles (Book 1:...by Snow_Bear
Danny goes on a white water rafting trip with her friend deep in the Colorado woods only to find that the myths about werewolves are real and now her life will never be...
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The Diary of Bayli Floyd by Starlight_Richele
The Diary of Bayli Floydby Alyson
Bayli dies in a car wreck and goes to heaven. She goes back to earth to her family in spirt form to meet them one last time. While she is there,she meets new people that...
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Torment by KITTYkat1234
Tormentby KITTYkat1234
Lou's life is hell. So are her nightmares. It's up to you to work out which is which.
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.:Love Unbound:. by Lozzyy96
.:Love Unbound:.by Lauren McCormack
This Is About A Girl Called Skye And She Moves Back To Her Birth Place :) But Something Strange Happens :O !!!
His Superman Boxers. by cat5398
His Superman Boxers.by ;)
(DON"T READ WROTE ABOUT 2 YEARS AGO AND SORTA SUCKS! MAJOR EDITING HAPPENING......slowly) Dialog: Katrina Everland is a sweet, pretty, funny girl with a littl...
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Water and Fire - A Short Story by DemelzaCarlton
Water and Fire - A Short Storyby Demelza Carlton
Working as a student midwife in an Australian country hospital is never easy, but Belinda finds more trouble than most. There's the intern doctor who follows her around...
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The Solitary by Nivster
The Solitaryby Niv
Raina wants to be alone and is too. Life, for her, is just perfect. But what happens when a man wants to be with her, desperately? It all begins with a call. (For the sh...
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The Shattered World by sweetserenade4ever
The Shattered Worldby sweetserenade4ever
Life isn't always the same with me. I have been treated like trash and I really hate it. My life has been like that always. When I meet someone who helps me will my lif...