If You Leave by ColorMeOfficial
If You Leaveby Msft
*the best Pryce Watkins love story* Will be updating every Thursday
  • jawan
  • highschool
  • dylan
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Situations of HIM (Hitmaking imagines) by Jojo_Brown
Situations of HIM (Hitmaking imagi...by iAmJojoBrown
New book about HIM where I give u situations about them and you comment what you think or your reaction. **Partially inspired by @Domanitheking's WWYD book, but comple...
  • teen
  • fan
  • dylan
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HomeComing (Hitmaking) by VashaVasha
HomeComing (Hitmaking)by Vashaaa
This is a story about a girl name Andria Lewis and Pryce?!
  • hitmaking
  • walkaway
  • dylanallen
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Old Friends (A Pryce Love story) by KeithsPrincess
Old Friends (A Pryce Love story)by 🌻Black excellence🌻
Cousins Dylan,Jazz, & Bri and their best friends Pryce, and Jawan all grew up in suburban Atlanta. Jazz and Bri leave the ATL before they all start highschool, now they'...
  • urbanlove
  • history
  • dylan
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Just Pryce II by g0lden_melanin
Just Pryce IIby Carefree 👸🏾
Just Pryce II, read to find out how Esydnia & Pryce are at new points in their lives.... Copyrights © All Rights Reserved
  • hitm
  • jawan
  • pryce
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Beyond The Lights  by DuhItsZarie
Beyond The Lights by DuhItsZarie
This is a HITM (History In The Making) story. It's not really based off the movie "Beyond The Lights" but it's gonna be slightly similar with a lot of twists...
  • hitm
  • love
  • jawan
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HITM WWYD by DomaniTheKing
HITM WWYDby Hey.imtea
What Would You Do .If I Made a Book all about History in the Making WWYD ,,Read and Comment
  • hitm
  • hitmakers
  • historyinthemaking
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For The Love Of Pryce. ( A Pryce Love Story) by gotpryce
For The Love Of Pryce. ( A Pryce L...by z💕
17 year old Pryce Watkins has had a crush on one of the most popular girls in school for a long time. She is one of the best volleyball players at her school and she is...
  • historyinthaking
  • keke
  • jawan
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SAW |History In the Making| Short Horror. Story by DomaniTheKing
SAW |History In the Making| Short...by Hey.imtea
See what happens when 6 Misguided Youths Take On One of the biggest Changlegs of there Lives .....Life Or Death
  • shortstory
  • historyinthemaking
  • jawanharris
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hitm  story by msalisha0028
hitm storyby msalisha0028
  • hitmaking
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