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Deepest Darkest Secret by AGrantJTM
Deepest Darkest Secretby AGrantJTM
What's your Deepest Darkest Secret? Can you share it? What if all you know has their deepest darkest secret? Will you still stay in their side and trust them? Or leave t...
FATED ( JaThea)  by venus_hudson
FATED ( JaThea) by venus_hudson
The desire to find someone who could accept you for who you truly are. Not the people personified you with.......... Can FATE lead you to her? A Ra...
Just For Her by whiyon
Just For Herby Whiyon
Whid at ya own wisk =)
Fly With Me by RefinedJenny
Fly With Meby RefinedJenny
(COMPLETED) Highest rank under fanfiction category: Mar 19 - No. 6 Mar 20 - No. 6 Mar 21 - No. 6 Mar 22 - No. 5 Mar 26 - No. 6 Highest rank under Rastro story From June...
Connections.Co by severeninjanightmare
Connections.Coby severeninjanightmare
Althea returns to the Philippines after five years to settle business matters with her ex. Jade however, wants to settle something else. The story is a fanfic continua...
B@ck for Good  (RaStro) COMPLETED by vodkaxxx
B@ck for Good (RaStro) COMPLETEDby ReD
They planned everything. Even getting married. But something went wrong. Something that she never saw it coming. "Please. . . .Please stay with me. . ." "...
Warrior's Heart (Lesbian Story) by TheMadDevil0813
Warrior's Heart (Lesbian Story)by Sappho
Althea Guevarra, daughter of two Martial Law activists opened Jade Tanchingco's eyes to the real world. Follow their journey to self realization, love and the battle for...
Glaiza and Sanya by blissforyou
Glaiza and Sanyaby blissforyou
Sanya and Glaiza both share a room in college, but that's about the only thing they have in common. At least that's what they assume. From the start, they haven't been a...
Daughters of Goddesses by teardrop_godess
Daughters of Goddessesby Winter Sei
As Percy Jackson graduated in the Camp Goode for his training as a Demigod... a new batch of half humans and half goddesses is now emerging all over the world... At is...
Invisible (Rastro) COMPLETED by vodkaxxx
Invisible (Rastro) COMPLETEDby ReD
What if one day you found yourself being invisible? What will you do? Is there anyone who can help you? Who? ** This is a story of an celebrity who have a very bad atti...
Sometime, Somewhere by Andieqwerty
Sometime, Somewhereby Andie
Finding love in a perfect time in the perfect place.
Unexpectedly YOU by Sap_Mango22
Unexpectedly YOUby Sap_Mango22
Rhian Denise Howell- Painter, happy go lucky and one of the sought-after artist in world of arts. Youngest daughter of Gareth Howell a Business Tycoon and owner of one o...
Life With You by iStanRaStro
Life With Youby iStanRaStro
RaStro Stories
Girl Crush by ubrijyl
Girl Crushby J-jayL
A story about how complicated it is to like someone. .someone whose almost perfect, someone you look up to, someone way too out of your league, someone that's already c...
WLB : Unstoppable Mind - Lauren (On Hold)  by LoveMeInsane143
WLB : Unstoppable Mind - Lauren (O...by LoveMeInsane143
Audi Lauren, one of the twin and the youngest daughter of Glaiza and Rhian. Like her twin-brother, she's an extraordinary but she haven't figured out yet, or might be sh...
Love, RASTRO by theonewhostaysuplate
Love, RASTROby Earthling
One-shot stories ng pinakamamahal na loveteam.
I Have Questions (RaStro) by maegan_duh
I Have Questions (RaStro)by Szy Belmonte
Why did you leave me here to burn?
I'm way too young to be this hurt
I feel doomed in hotel rooms
Staring straight up at the wall
Counting wounds and I...
Tagpuan by MadSky0813102
Tagpuanby MadSky0813102
Two lovers forced to separate by circumstances but fate brings them back together through one tragedy. Will they keep fighting destiny?
Next Year  by Chelz_Read
Next Year by Chelz_Read
All my hopes for RaStro.
Spectrum by piirocapriccioso
Spectrumby piirocapriccioso
You have never doubted yourself and the person you are, but when you catch her eyes in a fleeting moment in an event, you aren't too sure whether you're confident enough...