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Unexpected Roommates | Slashers x Reader by BlankHorrific
Unexpected Roommates | Slashers x...by Joshua
You're now independent, alone in your much-too-big house... well, it would be too big if you were living alone. After an interesting then of events, however, you are def...
Not Crazy to Me | Slashers x Nurse!Reader by BlankHorrific
Not Crazy to Me | Slashers x Nurse...by Joshua
A broke, unemployed girl with a nursing degree who just can't seem to find a job... until she finds an ad in the paper for an insane asylum. The job is as a simple caret...
Horror Movie Rp by 666_Jason_V_666
Horror Movie Rpby XxJasonVoorheesxX
In this Rp you can choose to be one of the very famous horror movie characters like Freddy Krueger,jason voorhes,leatherface,and more! Or you can make your Own horror Oc...
Ask or Dare Black Widow by BlackWidow131
Ask or Dare Black Widowby Black Widow
Black loved being asked and dared. Don't say something personal because Black will be lifeless. Ask or Dare Black anytime. Enjoy!
The Masked Ones (Jason Voorhes X Reader X Michael Myers) by AshyTheTrashy
The Masked Ones (Jason Voorhes X R...by Melonie Allred
W A R N I N G This story will most definitely have gore so if ya don't like that don't read this. And this us based on the movies so you know there is gonna be sex (I wo...
Jason? Is that you? by AHH122
Jason? Is that you?by Ariel Hope
Summer camp can be the best or the worst time of your life. You can find a summer romance and have a blast, you can be scared that the campfire stories come true, or wha...
Camp Crystal Lake and Adoption by SeasTheLunaBitty
Camp Crystal Lake and Adoptionby Player
There will be no description of this story it will be a surprise this time you will find out more when it comes out.
Ask the slashers by snek_birb_badger
Ask the slashersby Slytherhuffleclaw
It's an ask and dare book with your favorite horror movie characters! The responses will change from drawings to text. I will NOT be doing reader x Slashers I ha...
Learning To Love ~A Freddy Krueger X Reader Fanfiction by KaiisaBean
Learning To Love ~A Freddy Krueger...by KaiisaBean
After years and years of living in a boring old town.(y/n) moves to a new street, the Elm Street and meets a Dream Demon named Freddy Krueger