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Titans|| Gif series by chloebella209
Titans|| Gif seriesby chloebella209
"Titans are back bitches!"
  • jasontodd
  • donnatroy
  • dickgrayson
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Goldie Locks° JASON TODD by forcedintogoodness
Goldie Locks° JASON TODDby 。°。°GIᑎGEᖇᗷᖇEᗩᗪ。°。°
Goldie Locks― just take out the bears and a bird boy and a girl who wanted to fear nothing | DC comics, jason todd, titans
  • boywonder
  • titans
  • rachelross
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The Red Talon (Batfamily x Male Reader) by lco200
The Red Talon (Batfamily x Male Re...by lco200
After noticing the rise of a new terrorist organisation, Batman and his allies notice a link between them and a mysterious assassin that seems to have appeared out of no...
  • batfam
  • dickgrayson
  • robin
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It's my fault  by Abby_moreno123456789
It's my fault by I_hate_my_story’s
Dick Grayson.Who knew going on a mission with his family would go so badly?Who did this to him?
  • daughter
  • starfire
  • damimari
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The Batfam: Starring Richard Grayson by AriesReaper
The Batfam: Starring Richard Grays...by TheRealDamianWayne
What happens when Bruce Wayne kicks his oldest son Dick Grayson out of the Manor and he's forced to turn to his younger brother Jason Todd for help? Will Jason make thin...
  • youngjusticeverse
  • latinojasontodd
  • batman
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Titans OC/Reader Writings by Demihunter43
Titans OC/Reader Writingsby Talia
I know I have a DC one, but I'm in love with Titans. It's all types of dark and I just love it, even if I haven't watched it that much. (BTW does anyone know different...
  • korianders
  • garfieldlogan
  • koriandr
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Competition | ❧Damian Wayne X Reader☙ | by mac_tea_aron
Competition | ❧Damian Wayne X Read...by mac_tea_aron
Gotham Academy is said to be one of the most prestigious schools, made for only Gotham's elite. You didn't come from an extremely rich family nor from a poor one, you go...
  • waynefamily
  • competition
  • brucewayne
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||Copy and Paste|| {PJO/DC} by TheDarkAmethyst
||Copy and Paste|| {PJO/DC}by Cass Says No
With the gods' mysterious disappearance, Percy Jackson ventures into the outside world to live as she pleases. (Fem! Percy Jackson x Damian Wayne)
  • timdrake
  • batfam
  • annabethchase
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bloodhound  ▸ D.G by stydiuhs
bloodhound ▸ D.Gby stydiuhs
In which a dog attack turns into an atypical mystery that sparks a certain vigilante's interest.
  • dickgrayson
  • mystery
  • batman
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Tim Drake x Reader Oneshots by 1-800-URANIA
Tim Drake x Reader Oneshotsby 𝓑𝓻𝓲𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪
What the title says! Requests are open! What you CANNOT request: • Self-harm/Suicidal • Smut • animal related things (ie. half wolf/werewolf) unless the reader has shape...
  • redrobin
  • oneshots
  • xreader
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Batfam Facts for Newbies by BlackBloodSoul
Batfam Facts for Newbiesby batfan13
I got bored and, well, I know a lot about the batfamily. I'll mention some stuff about other families too maybe, who knows? A bunch of different stuff, some will involve...
  • katekane
  • batwoman
  • redhood
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Dc\Young justice one shots requests open by cutiepue999
Dc\Young justice one shots request...by Holly Downs
some amazing dc\young justice one shots
  • jasontodd
  • timdrake
  • requests
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wheeler dealer | jason todd by boyblunder-
wheeler dealer | jason toddby lanci
"For the queen he was no wheeler dealer, Though she'd heard the things he'd done." jason todd x female!oc | di...
  • jasontodd
  • jasondeservessomelovin
  • acceptance
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Red Sparrow:The Return of Hush by FantasyGirl2054
Red Sparrow:The Return of Hushby FantasyGirl2054
  • nightwing
  • redrobin
  • robin
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My Story. by MaskedShadowX
My Story.by MaskedShadowX
My prospective about Red Hood's Story with some new content and Shocking plot twist. ------------------------------------ Abilities: Skilled marksman and expert tacticia...
  • injustice
  • superheros
  • xbox
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The Lacemaker (A Jason Todd fanfiction) by The_Writing_Gremlin
The Lacemaker (A Jason Todd fanfic...by The_Writing_Gremlin
Jason Todd is the Red Hood, an anti hero and wanted killer despite keeping the slums in check. Griselda Kenna is a newcomer to Gotham who carries secrets that the city i...
  • pamelaisley
  • redhood
  • batgirl
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A Misread Soul |  Raex by FlutterButter33
A Misread Soul | Raexby FlutterButter33
Red X breaks into the Titans Tower for the belt Robin took from him and wakes Raven up in the process. (I'm always awful at summarizing XD) One shot Pairing ~ Raven x Re...
  • teentitansredx
  • jasontodd
  • romance
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The Red Hood and TMNT by MaskedShadowX
The Red Hood and TMNTby MaskedShadowX
Injustice 2- Red Hood's Ending That. Felt. Good. Titanium composite hollow point bullets with a C4 kicker. Fastest, most explosive ammo in the world. I made them myself...
  • xbox
  • tmnt
  • jasontodd
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batboy imagines  by sourasscandy
batboy imagines by idied
what the title says
  • batboysimagines
  • dickgrayson
  • damianwayne
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Batfamily role play by angelique565
Batfamily role playby angelique565
title be self explanatory but this will be friendly and light and mostly non-cannon
  • robin
  • dc
  • redhood
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