Peeking Boy (JM&Y/N)  by nimrabanu
Peeking Boy (JM&Y/N) by NimNicole
"Am doing this just to keep her away from my wanted life, am doing this to keep my queen safe"__JM Inspired by drama 'SHE WAS PRETTY'
  • love
  • jm
  • jase
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Right Where He Left Her by brooklyninfocus
Right Where He Left Herby Brooklyn
'He told her he loved her, then he ran' Freya loved Jase and Jase said he loved Freya. That was until Xiomara came and took him away to Spain with her other three boyfri...
  • love
  • movingon
  • forever
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Leo's Heart by Sairento-Tsumi
Leo's Heartby Alex Price
Jase and his best friend Erin find an abandoned laboratory and decide to go explore it. After they discover something they weren't supposed to find, a mysterious person...
  • erin
  • jase
  • adventure
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Blind Love by Tinkerbug
Blind Loveby Trey_Trey0812
Two teenagers are put as partners and they spend a lot of time together. The girl doesn't realize that he's falling head over heals for her. He wants to wait for the r...
  • highschool
  • lovebirds
  • teenage
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The Truth | A 36 Questions Musical Podcast Fanfiction by writergirl659
The Truth | A 36 Questions Musical...by Writergirl659
This is a 36 questions musical podcast fanfic about Judith/Natalie's relationship with Jase after the last episode. THIS PODCAST IS LIFE <3 but I think it ended a bit...
  • 36questionsmusical
  • connely
  • natalie
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Traffic lights by TrxfficLixht
Traffic lightsby TrxfficLixht
  • love
  • lights
  • jase
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The Treehouse Gang by ThatPerson227
The Treehouse Gangby ThatPerson227
In the early Summer of 2008, my father built a treehouse, and for a while it was a quiet, peaceful place where anyone in the community could come and hang out. Little wo...
  • bye
  • ididntknowthetagswouldbereversed
  • ornot
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Abducted by tayshaunsmith
Abductedby Tayshaun Smith
Emma Dawson was just an ordinary girl. One day, Jase McAllister finds her on girls4sale.com. He decides to kidnap her. Now, Emma has to live in the basement of Jase's ho...
  • abducted
  • jase
  • florida
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Assassin's Battle by Sweet-MRose16
Assassin's Battleby mimi
Jase was A? How? I trusted him.... I also lived a million lives with Grim, Kye and Jase. If I die now there is no coming back. I'll be dead forever. But I have to protec...
  • jase
  • lee
  • grim
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Assassins Club by BriBriStories
Assassins Clubby Lobsbirdacis
A school who trains young Assassins to be the best, with A, B, C, and D Classes.. But there is another class that is beyond all classes.. That only the best of the best...
  • ruby
  • mystery
  • love
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Brother's by baylybooklover
Brother'sby baylybooklover
  • drama
  • max
  • funny
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My Dear Diary by janethe8th
My Dear Diaryby Candy Cadet
My Dear Diary, I'm just doing this for dramatic effect or something like that. WARNING: THIS IS A DIARY NOT A STORY ALSO- it is a Fan-fiction (kinda?) about Just an...
  • just
  • whatatwist
  • love
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STAY OR SING  by LSMusicLover
STAY OR SING by LSMusicLover
Rissa has to make the hardest decision of her life. She loves music, it's her passion! She's finally been given the chance to make her dream of being signed with a recor...
  • jase
  • ajrecords
  • decisions
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CONFUSED  by Teriyaki6ix9ine
CONFUSED by ElChapo💃🚪
Astrid, a new girl at Mirina View Highschool isn't liking it there already! She gets harassed almost everyday by Malak Watson. She doesn't even know why! As time grows h...
  • malakwatson
  • understandme
  • pxpijae
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my final farewell  by Josh_Storm
my final farewell by Josh_Storm
goodbye everyone
  • potter
  • girl
  • granger
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The four little witches  by whittneylashaesmith
The four little witches by whittneylashaesmith
Bella and three other friends find themselves in a triangle of love.
  • carmela
  • jasmine
  • andrew
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in memory of John  by Josh_Storm
in memory of John by Josh_Storm
John is dead
  • girl
  • granger
  • wattpad
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The 100 High ( A BELLARKE FAN FIC ) by Beth444
The 100 High ( A BELLARKE FAN FIC )by Beth444
I do not own the 100. I am very bad at descriptions so that is why there is none hear. This is a Bellarke fan fic
  • murphythejerk
  • bellamy
  • monty
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From Light To Dark by ayanawuzhere
From Light To Darkby ayanawuzhere
Emerald was happy. Good life, good family. Until her sister goes missing.....
  • mum
  • sage
  • daddy
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