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Islamically Ever After by veiledservant
Islamically Ever Afterby veiledservant
We all want our own 'happily ever after' and I was no different. I aspired to be like Khadija (ra), the wife of prophet Muhammad (saw) strong, faithful and caring for he...
SABAAT-E-ISHQ by stories_by_falak
a cousin love story which will bring alot of emotions to ur heart it includes love hate family drama betrayal protectiveness possessive obsession abuse and what not s...
Under That Scarf (Editing) by writewithzainab
Under That Scarf (Editing)by writewithzainab
Jamila is fresh out of college and is eager for a job. Her passion lies in psychology and social work. She can never say no and her family knows this all too well so whe...
Road To Jannah by Umm_Hurairah
Road To Jannahby Samra
Rabbi shrahli sadri. wayassirli amri. wahlul uqdatam millisani. yafqahu qawli. [surah Taha]. Sometimes love can prove poisonous when you nurture the seeds of your desir...
Brothers of Abraham by KidOtakuQueen
Brothers of Abrahamby Char XD
Aladdin has an older brother, Jannah. come with them as they found out secrets about the world they're traveling in and themselves. OmcxJudal ⚠Yaoi/ Shounen-ai⚠ I own no...
Pieces Of Aamirah (Completed) by itx_ammarh
Pieces Of Aamirah (Completed)by Aishaaah
She was lost, but He found her. *** It wasn't the way she flinched whenever someone touched her hand, or how she bites her lip to stop her tears from falling but the wa...
Daily morning and evening Supplications by slaveofAlwadud
Daily morning and evening Supplica...by slaveofAlwadud
BIAMILLAHI AR-RAHMAN AR-RAHEEM Anas (RA) said that he heard the Prophet (SAW) say: "That I sit with people remembering Almighty Allah from the morning (Fajr) prayer...
Assalamu'alaikum Ya Ukhti by epinamardiana_
Assalamu'alaikum Ya Ukhtiby Epina Mardiana
[Spiritual-Teenfiction] Hijrah adalah proses dimana membentuk perubahan baru dalam diri. Siapa yang dulunya buruk, lambat laun berubah baik. Tak siapapun bisa merasakan...
Stories from Quran ✔ by MisbaDar
Stories from Quran ✔by Misba Dar
بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful. Inshaa Allah I will be sharing with you the stories from Quran. (p. s. That you g...
99 Names Of Allah by Star_That_Shines
99 Names Of Allahby Kahkashan Jamshir⭐
Allah s.w.t has 99 Beautiful names. Abi hurayrah r.a reported that the messenger of Allah s.a.w.w said "Allah has 99 names so whoever preserves them will enter ja...
Touching Stories Of The Sahaba (ra) .. by Mudu_Shine
Touching Stories Of The Sahaba (ra...by Mudu_Shine
Stories have always been a great and powerful way to Learn, Understand & Motivate our Imaan (Faith). So why not learn and experience some of the Best Stories of Islam to...
The Waynes(falling For A Hijabi Sequel)  by MaladaptiveDoc
The Waynes(falling For A Hijabi Se...by MaladaptiveDoc
Falling for a hijabi sequel Jannah and James are married now, but it is only the beginning. Join them in their journey of learning how to cope with their new life, espec...
Sunnah is My Style! by abdofRahman
Sunnah is My Style!by abdurRahman (Gudi)
Have you ever felt so frustrated that you feel like kicking those lofty fashion-controlling guys and their switching styles when you find that your new hairstyle, which...
Inspirational Stories by OwnerOfTajMahal
Inspirational Storiesby صائمة
Few Selected Stories which Inspires us.. give it a try.. hope u wont regret reading this.. -OwnerOfTajMahal 30/08/2016 - #67 in spiritual
A Peaceful Chaos by BlackPearl_4044
A Peaceful Chaosby Fatima Saad Gidado
After her only friend committed suicide, Fateema vowed to not make any friends again, Even though she had lived all her life without a family, she had to deal with a jea...
Pengkhianatan Cinta by ratu_johor
Pengkhianatan Cintaby quenzjue
"Naqi janji, Naqi takkan tinggalkan Zahra . Walau satu dunia halang cinta kita, I'm always here by your side . I'll love you until I die . Takkan ada orang lain yan...
A step closer to Jannah [Book I] by I_Luv_Allah_Forever
A step closer to Jannah [Book I]by lioness
B O O K I "And remind, for the reminder benefits the believer" You chose Jannah. Now you have to work for it. Grasp as much rewards as you can for this is a...
Fall In Love With Allah by Purificationofheart
Fall In Love With Allahby Purificationofheart
No matter how unheard your screams are by the world, He hears them. No matter how silent your battles are, He knows you struggle through them. No matter how quietly thos...
Gateway To Jannah by Ani_Oyeks
Gateway To Jannahby Ani_Oyeks
Sunnats, Duas, Duroods,Dhikrs, etc to help you earn the highest ranks of Jannat ul Firdaus In Shaa Allah
Star Wars Episode X: The Last Skywalker  by LadyArwenEvenStar
Star Wars Episode X: The Last Skyw...by LadyArwenEvenStar
This is a fan sequel to The Rise Of Skywalker Warning! Major spoilers!