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clueless | karen smith x reader by skullmisfit
clueless | karen smith x readerby wren
You and your sister, Janis, had always gotten along, and were almost inseparable. That was, until Regina George came along. After Janis dropped out of school when she wa...
Cliques: Janis Sarkisian x Reader by _jealousmuch
Cliques: Janis Sarkisian x Readerby <3
(y/n) just moved from Florida to Illinois. Consequently, she switches schools to North Shore High, home of the lions, leaving her old life behind and starting over. As s...
The Ghost of the Queen Bee {DISCONTINUED} by I_am_trash1
The Ghost of the Queen Bee {DISCON...by hi thanks for checking in, i’...
And that is how Regina George died . . . Regina Goerge gets hit by a bus, but does not survive. Unfortunately, that leaves Cady with the blame of the accident, even thou...
Mean Girls: the High School Reunion pt. 1 by samanthaa_clifford
Mean Girls: the High School Reunio...by samanthaa_clifford
Cady Heron is ready to go to her 10 year High School Reunion. But after she comes across Regina George, tension rises from a fight that happened 10 years ago. Part 1 of...
Mean Girls One-Shots (gxg) by borzoxx
Mean Girls One-Shots (gxg)by Borzo
Mean Girls x Y/N. Only fluff os.
Back to the past (Mean girls x Heathers) by Slushii_Freeze
Back to the past (Mean girls x Hea...by Anna Płóciniczak
covers credit: arty.nymph After what happened at 10th grade Veronica Sawyer ran away from Sherwood Ohio And changed her name to Janis Ian. What happens if she is sent to...
Janis Sarkisian x reader imagines and images! by muppetgivingbirth
Janis Sarkisian x reader imagines...by • ChÅrLeY •
You've known Janis Sarkisian ever since 8th grade when you joined North Shore High, you've always been bisexual and have had very little interest in boys. However, durin...
heart || cady heron by cruellaheartbot
heart || cady heronby sylvie!
"Could I get your number?" "Uh. I don't have one?" "Ask your parents for a phone, Cads." ~ fem! reader !! You're paired up with Cady Heron...
Endless Forms Most Beautiful  by Dolly-The-Sheep
Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Flaa
Janis opens her mouth but nothing comes out of it. The other woman doesn't share the same reaction as her. She doesn't look surprised. Doesn't look confused. She just lo...
Mean Girls One Shots by Oli_Bones_
Mean Girls One Shotsby Bones
A bundle of short Mean Girls story's for you to read. Enjoy!
Mean girls(Regina's prospective) by Raz_Cherry
Mean girls(Regina's prospective)by Raz
You all know the mean girls movie, but what if it was from Regina's point of view. What she does when she's not with the girls or at school
Heathers/Mean Girls by musicaltheatrebooks
Heathers/Mean Girlsby musicaltheatrebooks
It's going to be like mean girls and heathers mixed together! How awesome is that! Hope you like it!
The Biggest Lesbians in School (Janis Ian x Reader) by Rtr0004
The Biggest Lesbians in School (Ja...by Jay
Ever since moving schools to North shore high from Britain, Janis Ian has never spoke to you and you've never spoke her.. That is until Eighth period art class.
Mean Girl's One Shot's for us Helpless Fanpeople by lesbianballerina24
Mean Girl's One Shot's for us Help...by That One Weird Theater Nerd
Exactly what the title says. I will take requests ( see profile ) ! Romantic relation ships I will not write include Janis x Damian , Damian x any girl, and Janis x any...
Soft and Gay - Cadnis Oneshots by julez_20
Soft and Gay - Cadnis Oneshotsby julez_20
The title describes it pretty well actually. Cadnis Content because we can't get enough of it😁
First Times  by Dolly-The-Sheep
First Times by Flaa
When Janis Sarkisian was eight years old, she found out she was adopted. When she was seventeen years old, she found out who her mother was. When she was eighteen years...
rejanis oneshots :D  by maybeimamuppet
rejanis oneshots :D by maybeimamuppet
cute oneshots of rejanis :) yall know the drill by now
The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet by bellytheaxolotl
The Greatest People You Will Ever...by bellytheaxolotl
The adventures of Janis and Damian starting from the burn book disaster!
Fair From Fair by Rtr0004
Fair From Fairby Jay
She drew art, you wrote poetry: what more can I say? ________________________ Janis Sarkisian X Fem Reader
Suddenly I See (Mean Girls) by AceofSpades753
Suddenly I See (Mean Girls)by Ace of Spades
A Mean Girls Retelling and Total Drama story. Heather, Lindsey and Courtney are Popular. "Drop Dead you Skeeze." A bit problematic, "That is our Burn Boo...