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"The Jock and The Nerd always get together." DIRKJAKE HIGHSCHOOL AU by veryironicnoodle
"The Jock and The Nerd always get...by vin
This is schoolstuck. Dirk Strider is your not-so average nerd. His intelligence in robotics earned him a few teasings, which is quite cliché, yet he isn't your classic...
Homestuck Headcanons (Wow so original) by Dark_Pigeon
Homestuck Headcanons (Wow so origi...by Creature
This is the result of crippling writers block Sadstuck, normal, etc etc all the good juicy shit Got some Davekat and Rosemary and Vrisrezi and maybe some others (eg. Dir...
Homestuck Headcannons!! by gayassmaterial
Homestuck Headcannons!!by Adder, He/Him
read the title lmao includes: Sadstuck cannons, Sexstuck cannons, etc.
When You Touch A Troll's Horns by CiravaHermod
When You Touch A Troll's Hornsby Ya boi
Oh boi you're in for a treat <<C O M P L E T E D>>
Homestuck crack ships by seahorsepriince
Homestuck crack shipsby TyTy
xD I just wanted to collect ALLLLLLLL the ridiculous fics in one place.
Rantstuck (Homestuck rants) by OctoDog6
Rantstuck (Homestuck rants)by Octo Dog
Do you ever just look at homestuck fanart/fanfiction, and wonder what the fuck happened to the characters? I'm Octodog, and this is going to be my personal dumping groun...
homestuck headcanons by careeningAdmiral
homestuck headcanonsby john
in my 2022? more likely than you think
Homestuck Boyfriend Scenerios~ by a_lover-and_a_sinner
Homestuck Boyfriend Scenerios~by Kiwi your Wattpad mom
there are only beta kids and trolls. there are the girls too, don't worry~
Standing Up For Yourself by snazzyhopper
Standing Up For Yourselfby snazzyhopper
Basically Jane tells Caliborn to shove off. A short story done for an English Assignment, using Homestuck characters.
Collage love (Lesbian story) by KalaniMC
Collage love (Lesbian story)by Toy (FuntimeFoxy)
A roleplay I'm doing with a friend. Might contain yuri later. Set in Collage.
Malice (Demonstuck/Angelstuck) by Theredthunderwolf
Malice (Demonstuck/Angelstuck)by wose
Dave Strider is thrust into an arranged and unwilling marriage with Jade Harley, in an attempt to bring the demons and angels into peace. His attractions lie elsewhere...
Homestuck x Reader Boyfriend and Girlfriend scenarios || by HarumiMegido
Homestuck x Reader Boyfriend and G...by Haru
I don't own any art or pictures unless said otherwise. Homestuck and it's characters belong to Andrew Hussie. Any gender. ⚠️Trigger Warnings⚠️ Swearing I may not being a...
Dreamers by Wubster
Dreamersby Dubstep Dhole Deity
‘Death wears a welcoming mask But its benevolence is debated Under every single question we ask Our task is not an easy one, dear brother We must assist each other If we...
Cinderellastuck AU by a-random-cat18
Cinderellastuck AUby Krazekat
jane's father died and now has to cope with the sufferings of her step-mother and step-siblings..until she heard news about the ball
Cotton Candy (Roxy Lalonde x Jane Crocker FanFic) by _Kuji-chan_
Cotton Candy (Roxy Lalonde x Jane...by _Kuji-chan_
Jane and Roxy are together... At least for now... Will they be together forever? Find out in Cotton Candy, the Homestuck FanFiction by Ikkakujuu Sekushi
Homestuck High by Vriska_and_others
Homestuck Highby Vriska_and_others
"Ah fucking-" Hussie was cut off. "JUST START THE FUCKING STORY ALREADY YOU FUCKASS!" Karkat yelled. "Okay okay." I said. "HOW COME YO...