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Overwatch oneshots by Pabu33
Overwatch oneshotsby Neon Rain
Hey guys, I decided to make this oneshot series but it will be fluff for the most part. If you guys want smut you have to tell me what you want for me to write it, so fo...
Cold Blooded Love (Gabriel Reyes/Reaper x Reader)[COMPLETED] by scribbit419
Cold Blooded Love (Gabriel Reyes/R...by Scribbit
It's always been your dream to become an Overwatch agent. The day you were accepted you couldn't believe it was real but, everything wasn't exactly how you expected it...
What I create is Chaos { J.F X F reader } by junkratswaifu
What I create is Chaos { J.F X F r...by junkratswaifu
"You're literally mentally retarded Jamison" were the last few words you muttered before giving into the warmth and lovely bliss he supported you with, how he'...
Banned from Junkertown (Junkrat x Reader) by SpookySnoops
Banned from Junkertown (Junkrat x...by Spooky Gooby
(Female pronouns are used in this book so I apologize if you don't identify as female) Living in Junkertown is easy if you make friends with the right people and if you...
A Teaspoon of Spice by Jeebly
A Teaspoon of Spiceby Jeebly
Trying to hide the fact that your a werewolf is surpringly tough against someone as good at snooping as Junkat- the wriggly and half mad man that he was. Be warned- read...
"Misunderstood" (Junkrat x Lucio!) by Junkerboy
"Misunderstood" (Junkrat x Lucio!)by Junkerboy
(I changed canon just a bit) Jamison Fawkes is brought into a family after a past life of abuse. Later on he gets accepted into Overwatch University. He finds a house to...
You're the Bomb! (Junkrat x Reader) by DeletedAccount810
You're the Bomb! (Junkrat x Reader)by DeletedAccount810
You're a twenty-one year old college student. Crime was uncommon in your hometown, though it wasn't unheard of. There were no real big threats, except for two junkies wh...
Demons Among Angels (Demon Junkrat x Reader) {UNDER EDITING} by FandommSlayerrr
Demons Among Angels (Demon Junkrat...by Fandom Slayer
Some say evil spirits walk among the saints. Others say evil lurks within us all. I say they are all misled. W e a r e t h e e v i l. [MATURE CONTENT]
Overwatch: Uprising by RoseTheOtaku01
Overwatch: Uprisingby Rose Ryan
Overwatch was illegally called back into action to fight a resurgence of Omnics, but new heroes needed to be recruited, and it seemed anyone was acceptable. Keira Ryan w...
Coming Clean- Roadrat by ChimeraManticore
Coming Clean- Roadratby Chimera Manticore
I've always headcanoned Junkrat to be trans, and I imagine he tends to get pretty dysphoric when he has to take a shower. So here's me exploring that, I guess. Enjoy!
Overwatch Oneshots by Emerald0803
Overwatch Oneshotsby Emerald0803
A bunch of Overwatch character x reader oneshots because its taking over my life. Expect a lot of Junkrat, he is my fave (: Comment or pm requests
Overwatch Imagines by twix_pandemos
Overwatch Imaginesby amateur critic, even more so...
Here's some imagines that I wrote for those who are as obsessed with Overwatch as I am. I have really no rules or restrictions so request away!~ ~*Requests are open! Com...
Getting to Know You- Roadrat by ChimeraManticore
Getting to Know You- Roadratby Chimera Manticore
A little thing I did kinda showing how Junkrat and Roadhog ended up as an official couple (or... something like that)
My Insane Hero (Junkrat X D.VA Oneshot) by WanderLacey
My Insane Hero (Junkrat X D.VA One...by Lacey Rose
Complete Overwatch Fanfic (2001 Words) (One-shot) D.VA and her team are having a great day working at Overwatch, but D.VA hasn't been feeling all that great. That just...
Overwatch One-Shots [DISCONTINUED] by CinnamonPanda04
Overwatch One-Shots [DISCONTINUED]by Cinnamon Panda
A random collection of Overwatch Oneshots. I'm not the best at writing, so cut me some slack. :)
7 Minutes In Heaven - OVERWATCH EDITION by Peazecatch
7 Minutes In Heaven - OVERWATCH ED...by Peazecatch
7 minutes in heaven at an Overwatch party/get together. They all put their names into a hat and Lúcio and Lena pull two pieces of paper out and read who has to spend 7...
Junkrat/Jamison Fawkes x Reader by bruhokdang_
Junkrat/Jamison Fawkes x Readerby bruh
ok so my little trash baby is bae and I love writing fluff about him
Jealousy (Junkrat X D.VA Oneshot) by WanderLacey
Jealousy (Junkrat X D.VA Oneshot)by Lacey Rose
Overwatch Fanfic (2845 Words) (One-Shot) Junkrat and D.VA have been dating for a while, but what happens when Junkrat sees something amiss at one of the missions betwee...
Aussie New Year by coming_up_explodey
Aussie New Yearby coming_up_explodey
Junkrat and Roadhog celebrate New Years their own way.