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Casino Royale : Vesper Lynd by _goodbyesadness
Casino Royale : Vesper Lyndby Ingegard
"I'm the money" "Every penny of it" he says, smiling while looking at me. Beautiful Vesper Lynd never doubted her skills in her profession, but...
  • romance
  • skyfall
  • quantum
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On Her Majesty's Secret Service ~ H.S. by LunaxxStyles
On Her Majesty's Secret Service ~...by Luna
The opportunity to work as an agent for MI6 isn't won easily- especially when there's 10 others vying for the same job. New recruit Rosy finds out the hard way that comp...
  • romance
  • wattys2019
  • adventure
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Mummy  by Sboyle92
Mummy by FanofFandoms
She was forced into the Veil. As soon as she stepped through, the Veil was destroyed. She awakened in a new world similar to her own but without the magic. She still had...
  • sherlockbbc
  • sherlockholmes
  • jamesbond
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Eric the Spy 🕵️ Part 1 / by Haythem Maatouk (on-hold) by HaythemHMK
Eric the Spy 🕵️ Part 1 / by Hayth...by Haythem Maatouk HMK
#1st in World (30/09/2019) │Synopsis│ : Eric Stam, a 20 years old boy, hates his job and dream of becoming a spy, will find himself in the most dangerous mission of hi...
  • fbi
  • world
  • putin
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Tevun-Krus #71 - Spy-Fi by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #71 - Spy-Fiby Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
Operation Starhide. Sorry to disturb you from your rest, Agent Mothertrooper, but this looming threat needs nipped sooner rather than later. You know it, you love it...
  • fbi
  • missionimpossible
  • gadget
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The First Horseman (Spy Thriller-Area 51) by authorRKHiggins
The First Horseman (Spy Thriller-A...by authorRKHiggins
Michael Reaver would do anything to preserve the freedom of his country. When he is selected to join an elite group of operatives based out of Area 51 known as the Horse...
  • conspiracy
  • danger
  • secretagent
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Random x Male Reader by quantumphysicsrhard
Random x Male Readerby Dorito
Just some male! reader one-shots. Have fun reading my dudes :D
  • oliverqueenxmalereader
  • insert
  • readerxcharacter
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KINGS[WO]MAN by spxcecaramel
KINGS[WO]MANby eggsy is my husband
"Kingsman? Bit derogatory don't you think?" "My father always said, 'Never trust anyone whose TV is bigger than their book shelf' "
  • strong
  • kingsman
  • harryheart
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Meryl Streep & Pierce Brosnan, donde todo comenzó (peryl) by Meryl_Brosnan
Meryl Streep & Pierce Brosnan, don...by Pau_Streep
Fanfic escrita entre 2008 y 2009, donde surgió el amor incondicional a esta pareja epica que todo el mundo conoció en Mamma Mia! Pierce Brosnan y Meryl Streep se conocen...
  • mammamiaherewegoagain
  • piercebrosnan
  • movie
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Spy school, paradise city. by therightstuff1950
Spy school, paradise city.by Lightning theGreat
Been a while hasn't it? What? like five months? Anyway, I haven't been gone or whatever, I've just been reading a ton of the other fanfics. Anyway, I've got a new chapte...
  • fanfiction
  • ben
  • stuartgibbs
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15. Sweet Seventeen by E_J_Morgan
15. Sweet Seventeenby E_J_Morgan
Q-niverse AU - The resident genius is turning 17. It calls for a party! If they'd just manage to get rid of the intruding lunatics called 'Holmes' first...
  • jamesbond
  • sherlock
Gone Rogue In Love (RWBY : Male Rogue Agent Reader X Yang Xiao Long) by SupremeMasterDawn
Gone Rogue In Love (RWBY : Male Ro...by RyanTheRWBYFan
Main Cast : Y/n Bond and Yang Xiao Long I do not own James Bond or RWBY All rights go to Ian Fleming, EON Productions and Monty Oum I hope you enjoy
  • eon
  • james
  • roguehuntress
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Torrison one shots by hawkette83
Torrison one shotsby hawkette83
Mental pictures, cute moments, really just fluff Also why isn't their ship name Osterland That's so freaking dreamy
  • hazosterfield
  • tomholland
  • thomas
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Alex Rider & James Bond crossover by Rider_007
Alex Rider & James Bond crossoverby Rider_007
When Alex rider meets Bond. Literally the title. Two top MI6 agents meeting each other and assigned to work together. This is gonna be fun. I should say no more, or I'll...
  • agent
  • bond
  • alexrider
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Spy Candy | On Hold by rskovach
Spy Candy | On Holdby RS Kovach
When the best man for the job is a woman, the Covert Analytical Network Design Yard (or CANDY for those who prefer silly acronyms) sends in Meg Brandon to clean up the m...
  • girlpower
  • jamesbond
  • genderflipped
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Hot Wired. by kalemuffin
Hot Wired.by HarleenQuinzel
BANG! A man dressed entirely in black dropped to the floor as you quickly reloaded your Walther P99 9millimetre short hand gun, and dropped to the ground, rolling behin...
  • adventure
  • xreader
  • ianfleming
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1. Beginnings by E_J_Morgan
1. Beginningsby E_J_Morgan
Q-niverse AU - How did the Holmes brothers, Mycroft and Sherlock react to learning about getting a new sibling soon? What were they like with the baby?
  • jamesbond
  • sherlock
3. Renaissance by E_J_Morgan
3. Renaissanceby E_J_Morgan
Q-niverse AU - When Benedict Dominic Holmes, the third and youngest Holmes brother was 12, he'd just about had enough of living under the influence of Mycroft. He went a...
  • jamesbond
  • sherlock
5. An Unlucky Day by E_J_Morgan
5. An Unlucky Dayby E_J_Morgan
Q-niverse AU - There are days when nothing seems to be working the way it should, when you feel you should crawl into a dark hole and wait for it to end... This is exact...
  • jamesbond
  • sherlock
6. Overprotective Big Brothers by E_J_Morgan
6. Overprotective Big Brothersby E_J_Morgan
Q-niverse AU - Q has been behaving rather funny lately. The Double-Os are worried and decide to take matters into their own hands.
  • jamesbond
  • sherlock