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Jerika - Only by multiwritez
Jerika - Onlyby multiwritez
Jake Paul is an ordinary boy from Ohio who has lived in LA for years now. He's got the looks and the athleticism and he's captain of the football team. His girlfriend is...
Jerika - Ever After [Sequel to Only] by multiwritez
Jerika - Ever After [Sequel to Onl...by multiwritez
READ "ONLY" FIRST IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY!! Jake and Erika haven't spoken since Jake moved back to Ohio. Erika moved back to Nashville for a little bit, but now...
Team 10 Imagines by ihaveazeinainmyroom
Team 10 Imaginesby sourstiles
Title says it all. Requests are not open at the moment <3
Instagram J.P x A.V by obviously_larry
Instagram J.P x A.Vby Ashley
Jerika is real but what happens when Jake comes across a models (Alissa) page on instagram will Jerika break up,Jalissa happen and Erika wants revenge? Read to find out...
My Happy Place | Alissa Violet | by bakugousangel
My Happy Place | Alissa Violet |by bakugousangel
⚠️MATURE SCENES INCLUDING SMUT, AGNST AND ABUSE⚠️ "I'm In LA" - Alissa "Everyone This is Alissa" - Jake "I Like Jake Paul" - Alissa "B...
Falling for you  by teamtenfan4ever
Falling for you by Beth_hardy32
Erika is new to the school and meets Jake there
English Teacher [Martinez Twins] - On Hold by Multifandoms_xo
English Teacher [Martinez Twins]...by 🥂maggie🥂
She was just a teacher, paid by the hour. They were just students. Learning by the minute, who'd knew they'd also learn how to fall in love?
Jerika❤️ by lovingteamten
Jerika❤️by lovingteamten
Alissa cheated on Jake so he kicked her out of team 10. Then Erika joined team 10 and Jake instantly fell in love with her and Erika instantly fell in love with him. The...
Chessa (completed) by alwayschessa
Chessa (completed)by :)..
From bumping into a guy at a coffee shop to having kids ?! This fanfic is a drama filled romantic relationship between Chance Sutton and Tessa brooks
Truth Unfolds | Team 10 And Logan Paul | by bakugousangel
Truth Unfolds | Team 10 And Logan...by bakugousangel
⚠️MATURE INCLUDING AGNST, SMUT AND ABUSE⚠️ "Was Jessa A Thing?" "What Was The Drama From The Fall Of Jake Paul Disstrack?" "Was Temilio A Thing...
Jake Paul You Don't See by FightingBreaks
Jake Paul You Don't Seeby FightingBreaks
Everyone says Jake Paul, is a awful person, quick to anger, abusive, unforgiving, and full of himself, right? Tada here's the Jake Paul haters see.
its just the beginning  by oliviaAvery11
its just the beginning by oliviaAvery11
alissa and jake does not no if thay like each other until thangs got out of hand at coachell
love is pain by divideddolan
love is painby fanfictions💞 ig: graysonsbd
jake paul and erika costell meet and begin to like eachother, until someone gets in the way and pulls them apart. both jake and erika end up in alot of pain just trying...
Match made in hell by kayannashaw
Match made in hellby kayannashaw
Jake Paul and Alissa violet..... ?? they will go three Thur ups and downs but mostly downs Disclaimer ✋ (May be to Inappropriate to people under the age of 10)
It Was Always You{Jalissa} by murvennn
It Was Always You{Jalissa}by murvennn
Jake and alissa love each other but don't know it
Team.jalissa10 by teamjalissa10
Team.jalissa10by teamjalissa10
Jake goes chasing after Alissa but what will they be?
Where We Left Off|Sequel|Logan Paul Fanfic by torixreadzz
Where We Left Off|Sequel|Logan Pau...by torixreadzz
FIRST OF ALL read Right From The Start then you'll get everything. But this, this is a sequel! wooooohooo I'm doing it. soo~~~~ Your name is Tori you married the one and...
JALISSA by JalissaIsMyLife
Ik #JALISSA is over but IDC I'll always ship😂🔥 Alissa and Jake are the best of friends. What happens when one of them catches feelings and....Allison starts drama?