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The Makeover (Magcon Boys FanFiction) by leesuh
The Makeover (Magcon Boys FanFicti...by lisa
Hailey Reneé is now 16 years old. But when she was 14, the boys now in a group called Magcon would bully her and beat her up everyday at school. Her sister gives her a m...
Breaking (a magcon fanfiction) by melangex
Breaking (a magcon fanfiction)by molly
She knows them well, but how well? And when one breaks down, who will take the consequences? Will all of them become the heroes, or will only one end up fixing what's al...
5 Seconds of Magcon (5sos and Magcon Fanfic) by sultrysaucystyles
5 Seconds of Magcon (5sos and Magc...by anna!
Ashley Parks, who has been touring with Magcon for the last two years, and is dating Jack Gilinsky. Lizzy Grier, who's been dating Luke Hemmings since she started openin...
My Pink Lady by imjustcleo
My Pink Ladyby Paranoid
Cleo Jimson is just a pink haired 16 year old viner/YouTuber. And as a matter of fact, she is quite well known. With 2 million followers on her four month old vine accou...
Unexpected by ReannonMary
Unexpectedby ReannonMary
Noone ever said living the tour life was easy for these four girls it was nothing they would of ever expected.They all got closer each day,fell in love with nowhere to g...
Friendly Strangers and Secret Talents by lifeofrei
Friendly Strangers and Secret Tale...by Queen
We rode the same bus. Had multiple classes together. Saw each other in the halls and at lunch. Never once made an effort to become more than friendly strangers... Well...
Dallas by xoxobieberxoxox
Dallasby megan bee-bur
Tessa dallas was adopted by cameron dallas when she was 12. Jason whitesides is the son of JOX. Camerons heartbroken with out a girlfriend and tess and jason like eachot...
The Infinite Moment by KenzieDaCupcake
The Infinite Momentby KenzieDaCupcake
Sapphire Sonora Melody couldn't of have a better life, until her mom breaks the news to her that they were moving. Now Sapphire must leave her best friend, and hometown...
You Belong With Me // Jake Foushee Fanfiction by temporarilynothing
You Belong With Me // Jake Foushee...by jenna
Arabelle Johnson. The schools "nerd". She is really smart, she thought it was the smart that was not attractive to guys. All guys except Jake Foushee and some...
Faze Cizzorz' little sister by katiedid_
Faze Cizzorz' little sisterby Kat
(Under editing) Katie has always kept to herself, hasn't had many friends. But living with her brother, Faze Cizzorz has changed that drastically. She makes many new fri...
Cruise ship// Jake Foushee & Clay Labrant by forever_besties2014
Cruise ship// Jake Foushee & Clay...by 22/9/14
Diana and Noella have been internet friends for 2 years now, and their friendship is as strong as it could possibly be. One summer, they both go to England with their fa...
the makeover ↠ magcon boys fanfiction DISCONTINUED by 28_stylinson
the makeover ↠ magcon boys fanfict...by 28_stylinson
skyler is tired of being bullied. tired of being just a lame high schooler. she's fed up with cameron dallas and his crew telling her she's worthless every day. she's do...
Mr. Popular (Shawn Mendes fanfiction) by waterfallwriting
Mr. Popular (Shawn Mendes fanficti...by waterfallwriting
What happens when April meets this new guitarist in her class? Does she end up liking this new guy? or does his popularity get in the way?
Summer in London(Magcon Fanfiction) by LaurensLyrics
Summer in London(Magcon Fanfiction)by LaurensLyrics
No this isn't a clique story about a girl who goes to magcon and the boys fall in love with her.Okay it is but it won't be cringey and unrealistic I promise .Kaylie save...
Not everyone is who they say they are... (A Matthew Espinosa Fanfiction) by cuddlyyespinosa
Not everyone is who they say they...by BlurryFacedMatt
Amelia is faced with problems while on tour with Digitour. Matthew helps her through and something happens... Read to find out more
Romeo and Juliet. And one of romeos friends(a aaron c and jake f fanfic)ON HOLD by Nonametictac15
Romeo and Juliet. And one of romeo...by Nonametictac15
'''I can't choose which, I mean they both look alike.'' ''Just so for whichever the heart wants.'' Well that'll be easy. We was talking about Jake Foushee and Aaron C...
If I Stay- Aaron Carpenter Imagine by xmagconimaginesx
If I Stay- Aaron Carpenter Imagineby xmagconimaginesx
Aaron Carpenter imagine based off of the Movie "If I Stay"