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What now? (A Jak and Daxter fanfiction) by Eco_otaku
What now? (A Jak and Daxter fanfic...by Lois
This is my first ever fanfiction so bear with me if it's a bit crap.
Ghostly Addictions  by AlekeiAngel
Ghostly Addictions by Alekei Lee Smith
Welcome to the fucked-up book of Ghost Adventures One-Shots, where all your favorite ships have sailed and couples are cannon! (Requests are Welcomed)
The Dark Warriors by DeitoninVespera
The Dark Warriorsby DEI-lightful
When a young man and his cat are found in the wastelands outside Spargus, Jak's world is turned upside down when he comes face to face with another survivor of the Dark...
Jak and Daxter: The Fire Chronicles(book 1) (Under Construction) by Lydia_torogon
Jak and Daxter: The Fire Chronicle...by Lydia_torogon
"Everything will be okay, we'll get out of this together." "She shouldn't be looking at a monster. She should be looking at someone who wants to save thi...
Smocze Opowiastki by JWS_Love
Smocze Opowiastkiby [KONTO ZAWIESZONE]
Nie chcesz czytać całych książek, ale podoba ci się styl pisania? Zapraszam do wysłuchania moich opowiastek, legend i wierszy. Puść muzykę, weź herbatę i zanurz się w ś...
ꪜ𝖺m̶p̶𝗂𝗋𝖾 𝖳𝗐𝗂𝗇𝗌 by Ash_ley_i
ꪜ𝖺m̶p̶𝗂𝗋𝖾 𝖳𝗐𝗂𝗇𝗌by 𝘼𝙎H̶L̶𝗘𝖄٤>.
Do not forget that we are brothers and we will always be together, I am yours and you are mine, you alone are strong and I alone are strong, but together I am stronger a...
CinderJak(Jak x Ratchet) by Ratjakfan04
CinderJak(Jak x Ratchet)by Iriel the idiot
"The clock may stop the magic, but not us" Content and/or Trigger warning for mild violence Ever wondered what it'd be like if your favorite video game protago...
Their Legacy [Jak and Daxter] by Gamer-Cakes
Their Legacy [Jak and Daxter]by Violet Link
As with many of fate's mysteries, it begins with but a small act... of disobedience.
Bracie...~Httyd by anxious_blob
Bracie...~Httydby Um..So this is my name
A więc tak .... W tej oto książce Czkawuś jest popychadłem na wyspie Berk ale pewnego razu zestrzela nocną furię, i postanawia uciec. Wystąpi lekkie hijack ( jack mróz...
Jelsa in Highschool by idontknow_moran
Jelsa in Highschoolby :(:
Elsa winters is a shy unique girl. Jack Frost is a badboy and a player. What will happen when these 2 meet again after 5 years? Will world war 3 start or will they fall...
Ratchet and Jak (Dragon Age Origins) Crossover. by timbegs
Ratchet and Jak (Dragon Age Origin...by Tim Begley
Welcome to the strangest crossover you will ever see. Combine 2 of the greatest heroes on the PS2. Put them in the Dragon Age Origins world on the continent of Thedas in...
Balance of opposing forces.  by bdifbbdjdj
Balance of opposing forces. by Meshl’aMandalorian
Being a childhood friend of Jak wasn't easy but after you help him defeat gal and Mai and get sent to haven city, what happens when you get the power of light eco.
The Wonder Book Of Legacy(rewriting) by JakTsu3
The Wonder Book Of Legacy(rewritin...by JakTsu3
Jak was once known as hero but his sense of adventure die off so he decided to follow his second dream and that was to become a novels.So he decides to retire from the F...
Eco Sages - Jak and Daxter  by Jaxycle
Eco Sages - Jak and Daxter by Stupidity Located Here
Events of Jak II Cover by me Book one of three
Gray Night  • Jak 2 Various x Reader • by mysoulfordrugs
Gray Night • Jak 2 Various x Read...by m.cfluffer_s
✓✓Re-boot of previous Jak and Daxter fanfiction, 'Demons'✓✓ • Jak 2 reader insert! • You could only dream of back then; only able to retreat to the carefree past of San...
Video game Dreams(and randomness) Journal by retrogamer22
Video game Dreams(and randomness)...by Stars and Foxes
This is the dream book I wanted to write for a while. Hope everyone enjoys. It will have tons of dream stories just letting everyone know. These are actual dreams but...
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy by Megara1995
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Lega...by Tay Lazzarino
The (story) follows the protagonist, Jak, as he tries to help his friend Daxter after he transforms into an ottsel (a fictional hybrid of an otter and a weasel). With th...
TO BE LOVED; spis oc by hochsztapler
TO BE LOVED; spis ocby eichi kinnie
poznacie lepiej moje dzieci etc
Video game Shapeshifter Nick by retrogamer22
Video game Shapeshifter Nickby Stars and Foxes
Nick is a shifter, but not just any shifter. A videogame shifter. One who is connected with a character from another realm. He will learn to accept what he is as well a...