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Day6 Imagines by Hoot-Hoot
Day6 Imaginesby “Homme Beau”
Just Day6 little one-shots and blurbs Requests are welcome 20170918 20191125
My Brother's Best Friend by kinglyfool
My Brother's Best Friendby Ellebelle
Jae didn't want to fall for his best friends brother, but Wonpil was making it hard not to.
Twitter» (Jae Park x Reader) by -iamL-
Twitter» (Jae Park x Reader)by Shoot me
//Short story~ @Jae_Day6 Such a shame about @day6official at the mamas.
A Jae in the life of day. {Jaehyungparkian  by Taealienspace
A Jae in the life of day. {Jaehyun...by ~🍂~
Au where park jaehyung is a famous YouTuber and Kang Brian is a famous model that everyone ships him with.
you called? ||  jaepil by -leanna
you called? || jaepilby maybe amaya
sungjin, dowoon, brian, and jae are all gods. they all have loyal, consistent prayers and follwers except jae. jae was going about his regular day until he could feel s...
Instagram ~ jaesix by jisoochickenn
Instagram ~ jaesixby binnie
A fellow youtuber named Jaesix has just followed you back on Instagram ! After having several social media interactions you guys are finally meeting up ! Will you guys...
Careless ft. Jae Day6 by kucingian
Careless ft. Jae Day6by Nanad
"Kita sama-sama ceroboh apa susahnya saling menghargai satu sama lain?" Jae as Junathan William Lewis You as Kimberly Haura ⭕ Lokal ⭕ Semi nonbaku Cr. Nanad. 2...
Best Jae of My Life by KPucca6
Best Jae of My Lifeby Puccie
Reader × Jae Park from Day6 "Today is the best day of my life." "More like best Jae of my life, right?", he said teasingly, while elbowing my sid...
Instagram ~ Jaesix (2) by jisoochickenn
Instagram ~ Jaesix (2)by binnie
‼️Read The First Book Before Reading This One‼️ Big Announcement ! Jae is going on tour with a couple of friends, sadly Kira (y/n) can't make it until the very end of to...
DM» (Jae Park x Reader) by -iamL-
DM» (Jae Park x Reader)by Shoot me
//Sequel to twitter~ You have received a direct message from Jae_Day6
gays only | day6  by solarsirius
gays only | day6 by 「 milo 」
[COMPLETE] DAY6 TEXTING FIC. ::::: When Sungjin is bored one night, he adds four of his friends who are (mostly) strangers amongst each other into a group chat. Secrets...
Detention  by ultkato
Detention by Nic💘
||Jae x Brian|| "do you even break rules" "I mean I fell asleep during class once" "well thats a start"
1 Second too late by Geniuswriting
1 Second too lateby Geniuswriting
What happens when your child gets kidnapped and the only way to save him is by asking his father for help even though he did not want to be part of the child's life?
insanity || p.j.h+k.y.h[COMPLETED] by chensbeauty
insanity || p.j.h+k.y.h[COMPLETED]by ALL STORIES DISCONT.
in which Kang Younghyun[Young K} is insanely in love with Park Jaehyung{Jae]. __________ started: 2018 February Twenty-third end: 2018 December Eighth
Hi, Hello || pj+kw by jungjis
Hi, Hello || pj+kwby jungjis
"Are you still making fun of me?" "Don't get used to it but no, I'm not" ✱ Park Jaehyung's band decides to add a fifth member (not that Jae agrees wi...
Beautiful Feeling || Jae of Day6 [ ] by RiLikesSleep
Beautiful Feeling || Jae of Day6 [...by Rɪ
[Jae X OC] ❝Change is terrifying, but I'll stay with you no matter what.❞ Jaehyung and Nari had known eachother for years, they were inseparable from each other. College...
The Perks of being Podcaster // Jae DAY6 Au!Lokal by alvordion
The Perks of being Podcaster // Ja...by An-dyn
Inilah kisah Jevon, koko hits Surabaya yang punya saluran Podcast sendiri. Mari kita pasang sabuk pengaman dan dengarkan siarannya di Spotify dengan khidmat, karena Je h...
sad boy hours | day6  by solarsirius
sad boy hours | day6 by 「 milo 」
[COMPLETE] DAY6 TEXTING FIC. ::::: When Sungjin is bored one night, he adds four of his friends who are strangers amongst each other into a group chat. Secrets are reve...
hopeless love;; jaehyungparkian  by -herxssoup
hopeless love;; jaehyungparkian by goodbye, for now
"I know there's no hope, so every time I look at you It's so hard, because I love you so much It hurts so much when you say I'm just a friend I'm standing outside t...
Electric (Ongoing) by BangtanTrashWriter
Electric (Ongoing)by L.V.M
You hate the school's popular kid Jae Park but when you spend more time together things become... Electric Warning mild course language