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Take Two by shapesintheclouds26
Take Twoby shapesintheclouds26
Jace and Riele share an intimate moment while running lines for Henry Danger. Could a new spark have been lit between the two? I mean, it's just acting. Right?
gangster's girl  by favzyfae
gangster's girl by Favyzae
On hold- no matter what she does she'll always belong to him Jace he's cold evil rude mean malicious Riele she's nice quiet brave and a little annoying
Love or Lust by JaelexChenry12
Love or Lustby Jaelelover
Charlotte Page just moved to a new city to stay close to her twin brother what happens when she meets Henry who's her next door neighbor who keeps he's eyes on her all t...
Just The Babysitter? by Geeki_
Just The Babysitter?by Geeki_
Riele's mom has gotten a new job that requires her to take numerous business trips ranging anywhere between 5-14 days. This quickly becomes a problem so she explains to...
Glitch | CHENRY [DISCONTINUED] by sheluvshaechan
"His name on my wrist already decided my fate." soulmate au
Internet Famous (Jaele) ✔️ by ShipxQueen
Internet Famous (Jaele) ✔️by J
Two famous youtubers collab. What could possibly happen. 14+ (Mild language and mature content) COMPLETED
My kidnapper (Jaele) by kvsh_dee
My kidnapper (Jaele)by Dee Annie
What happens when riele is kidnapped by a hot,sexy,cute and handsome kidnapper,will she fall for him or not ....or the other way around...... And When secret is spilled...
Jaele Christmas Story by rieleslays
Jaele Christmas Storyby rieleslays
Christmas is in a week. Riele reallys like Jace but Jace and Maeve are currently together. She only has herself and her bestfriend Chloe even though her and Jasper are t...
I dream of danger by theebluemoonlight
I dream of dangerby Lindelwa
An extended & flexed version of the episode " I dream of danger". Wished it went somehow like this😏 Enjoy & check out my other books.💗 Love ×TBM #7 rieledowns
Roommates (Jaele Fanfic)  by chenry4life
Roommates (Jaele Fanfic) by Jaele4life
Riele Downs expected her four years of college to just be focus on school work, no boy drama, that was until she met Jace Norman. Her roommate. Little did she know her p...
Loving Time! by TheRealLydiaAdams
Loving Time!by Lda123
Henry and Charlotte are best friends. They are inseparable. They are friends, and that's all they will ever be. Or will they? What will happen when Henry and Charlotte's...
Friends with Benefits (Jaele) by Jaelelover12
Friends with Benefits (Jaele)by Jaelelover12
Read the book to find out, lol😀😊
All In Good Time → Chenry by meIodies
All In Good Time → Chenryby ✖ s t e p h ✖
"Can I be honest about something?" I said seriously, looking at her fondly. "Anything. " Charlotte replied, her voice sounding a little dazed. I sigh...
Jace Norman becomes a different person when it comes to love...or perhaps when it comes to her....
Haven't Had Enough  →  Chenry by summersuckle
Haven't Had Enough → Chenryby -Z-
When Charlotte decided to start over in New York City, she expected a challenge... but she didn't expect this. Henry Hart is the furthest thing from Charlotte's type. H...
My Roomate by Savage_dreamgirl
Riele moves to Los Angeles for college. What happens when she meets a really cute boy named Jace Norman? What are the possibilities they will fall in love?
My Fake Husband (JAELE) by ushalakshmik
My Fake Husband (JAELE)by usha_lakshmik
Cover by killercongress---------------------Riele Downs, twenty-four-years-old is the only daughter of multi-millionaire, Joseph Downs. She was young, beautiful and alwa...
Chenry/Henlotte one shots by Pinkbudd
Chenry/Henlotte one shotsby Pinkbudd
Just a couple of Charlotte and Henry one shots
our life  by Markirwatermark21
our life by Kpoplover21
a full story of my one shot ( jimarkhyungle )