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BAD BOY [Namjin] by ajtheesimp
BAD BOY [Namjin]by Aj 😳
Jin is A+ student who has a small group of friends. Until he befriends one of bad boys from school, Namjoon. They soon become very close until those feelings they have f...
𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹. by qollzzz
𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹.by atticus.
Nothing sucks more than being in high school. Nothing sucks more than being in high school and being chased by six guys. Seokjin x BTS Jinyoung x GOT7
Addicted To Her (KookU❤) by LaceDragneel
Addicted To Her (KookU❤)by Luna
* was #8 in KookU* Jeon Jungook and IU love story drama! IU and Jungkook finally get together but what does the company say........ Jin keeps trying to help Jungkook a...
Three Words (Eun Jiwon Fanfiction) by leboum_l
Three Words (Eun Jiwon Fanfiction)by L
After Eun Jiwon left her heartbroken she was determine not to fall in love again. A few years later she met the man who cause it all. Things started to unfold between th...
a dream of love ; got7 (jaebum + jinyoung) by saequel
a dream of love ; got7 (jaebum + j...by adam
The last thing Jaebum needed in his life was a ghost. But when he moved in a new house, he was forced to live with a strange ghost that resides there. A ghost named Park...
Dad2 • GOT7xBTS by Real_Shook
Dad2 • GOT7xBTSby Shooketh
Kim Seokjin and Im Jaebum are two single parents with two children each, they met at the grocery store.. they both fell in love. Their children have many mischievous thi...
Who Am I? | JJP by jins0n
Who Am I? | JJPby deku
Im Jaebum. Age; 26 Height; 179 cm Weight; 63 kg Occupation; Psychiatrist - Park Jinyoung Age; 22 Height; 178 cm Weight; 63 kg Reason for being committed; Multiple Perso...
Gone (HIATUS)  by Blinka79
Gone (HIATUS) by Ken Ken
" Do you love me? " Chaeyoung asked queitly. " Always " the blonde answered. "Will you stay? " Chaeyoung asked tearfully. "Of cours...
EVERYTHING is UNEXPECTED - [Under-Revision] by Lyn_jyeljin27
- "Don't expect the right person to be the one for you. Sometimes the unexpected person is the one destined for you." - JIWON KIM [ A/N: This story is under mi...
Familia Lee (Primera parte) by DEJKies
Familia Lee (Primera parte)by vierkies
Jae Jin y Dey inician su vida juntos, aunque no fue fácil logran vencer algunos obstáculos, todos es color de rosa hasta que algo les cambia la vida. #ChikerodeSechskies...
ONE SHOT:  SECHSKIES by milfacetas
ONE SHOT: SECHSKIESby Miss Purity and Perversion
... Una serie de one de Shots de los integrantes de Sechskies, de sus Ships, de couples, de alucines y más
B O R E D || ssh by suhoass
B O R E D || sshby 카디자
hana was bored and decided to randomly massages people __ 💎💎💎
Which way to go! by naesipeo32
Which way to go!by Zek Finite
" Somebody let me know. Tell me which way to go! " as I was singing alone in the terrace. I remember how messed my life was and is. And now there are 2 persons...
Shut Up and Be Mine [COMPLETE - BI...by Kwon Jaeli
Walang masama sa rebound, minsan sakanya ka pa talaga sasaya. [From: September 15, 2012 To: May 22, 2013]
Les Bleus  [JongKey] by naninomi
Les Bleus [JongKey]by naninomi
¿Para ti que es mejor? ¿Triunfar, pero ser infeliz o fracasar, pero ser feliz? Imagínate tener que decidir cual es tu mejor opción con tan solo dieciocho años, teniendo...
Couple [JiJae] by pato359
Couple [JiJae]by Diana Riaño
Una "pareja" es la unión de dos personas que lentamente se van conociendo el uno al otro, forjando un lazo especial. Una relación no nace de un día para otro...
Another Day6 Imagines by yellowniche
Another Day6 Imaginesby yellowniche
I'm accepting requests !! ♡ Day6 - Park Sungjin , Park Jaehyung , Kang Younghyun , Kim Wonpil , Yoon Dowoon