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The Heart of a Mate (Alpha/Omega Book 3/3) [Boy/Boy] - 2013 by GothicAngel1205
The Heart of a Mate (Alpha/Omega B...by Oni
It's been four years since Lauren was ruthlessly betrayed by the cocky hybrid that stole his heart - four years since he began a new start with Jay and his pup Jacoby...
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...To Be Loved (Papa Roach/Jacoby Shaddix) by paparoachgirl
...To Be Loved (Papa Roach/Jacoby...by Zarah
**MAJOR EDITING IN PROCESS** After Kat and her friend Allie meet one of their most favourite bands, you could only imagine what's going to happen next. ...After this lit...
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Book One: Dancing The Full Moon ~War Of The Immortals series~ by NalaShadowhunter
Book One: Dancing The Full Moon ~W...by NalaShadowhunter
Blaze is a 20 years old vampire who hates her kind, life and kingdom, one day she goes to the woods with her group and one of her teammates kill a werewolf pup, causing...
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Coincidence Of Fate by YSBrewer
Coincidence Of Fateby Cheng Brewer
The story was continuing a few of parts of the 'Danny Phantom'. 10 years later, everything's changed. It's whether the coincidence or the fate made their life directs t...
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Not Ready To die by SinematicGhost
Not Ready To dieby Kayla
Just a horror story that I'm writing for fun, I wish it was real but it's not. But it's just about zombies, and has my favorite bands in it Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil...
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TWIN PEAKS SEASON 4 by deranged_stork
Okay, so now the return of Twin Peaks is finally coming out. The land where llamas are found in local pet stores. The land where you can predict someone innocent by thro...
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Never Have I Ever by mordre
Never Have I Everby Nina
Vienna Morris never backed down from a challenge. So when she's approached by a boy at a party who bets that she doesn't know how to love, she's more than willing to pro...
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Book Two: My Child ~War Of The Immortals series~ by NalaShadowhunter
Book Two: My Child ~War Of The Imm...by NalaShadowhunter
Blaze is now a vampire mated to a werewolf, weird isn't? well it gets more weird... so come join us on their second adventure on My Child, plus there is a big bad/good n...
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Papa Roach | picture book 1 | by MetalHead570
Papa Roach | picture book 1 |by MIW
Images of the Papa Roach band
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When Dead Ends Meet (A Jacoby Shaddix Love Story) by Baka-Hiyoko
When Dead Ends Meet (A Jacoby Shad...by Baka-Hiyoko
Erin , a now single 22 year old girl has finally broken free from a failing relationship. Now on her own in New York with no where to go, she tries to find some peace be...
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The BIG book of My Random Thoughts by Lokio113
The BIG book of My Random Thoughtsby I. Morley
Clue in the name :)
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Imaginer by forgetmenaut
Imaginerby forgetmenaut
Jasslyn Brookside has always harboured a curiosity for her childhood friend. She can't be blamed: Jacoby Harold is constantly trailed by flowers and plants, the occasion...
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Papa Roach by Xavchick
Papa Roachby Xavchick
A story I started writing in highschool
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me and my girls by misfitprincessme
me and my girlsby misfitprincessme
it is a story about me and my friends having a fun day together and we go to this party and get kidnapped by mindless behavior don't put any rude comments my first story...
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Hold me Down by QueenHonest
Hold me Downby ❤️KraveIT🤤💖
After the death of her brother Dezerae is left alone to in hot water when her brother didn't payback Jacoby Kingston South Carolina's cold hearted dope boy who'd kill an...
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john×jen=korey×Jacoby=♥  by BelleMumford4
john×jen=korey×Jacoby=♥ by skillet life
John and korey divorce korey gets with Jacoby and john gets with jen
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