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Thug Life by Diggytwin
Thug Lifeby Mrs. Alsina
"I had to grind for myself after my mom got shot and my dad got murdered in front of me when I was a kid." Michelle lost both of her parents when she was 12 ye...
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Age Different  by indigomonique
Age Different by 5∅ Shades Of Perez
(First Book) Read And Find Out🌈✨ ⚠Rated R⚠ VERY STRONG LANGUAGE
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Obsessed With Your Body by _Besame_
Obsessed With Your Bodyby Hidden Beauty
I opened the door to her room slowly. It was 3 am; no one was ever up at 3. I walked in closing and locking the door, she always slept on her side. I walked over to her...
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𝘍𝘈𝘋𝘐𝘕𝘎 ... 2 by JaayLuvsYu
𝘍𝘈𝘋𝘐𝘕𝘎 ... 2by Long Live Jah 🦋🖤
Same story, new drama, same and new relationships
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Choose Wisely by Iesha07
Choose Wiselyby iesha
*SEQUEL TO THE BOY NEXT DOOR* ------- Life is about time, patience, and most importantly ... choices. ------- Kaiya is now in New York, and training for anything that mi...
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Their Secrets & Talents by tripsoul22
Their Secrets & Talentsby Emari
They all have passion to dance, draw and sing but have a secrets hidden from each other. Will they ever know or continue on? They're all attending a performing arts s...
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How my brother turned into my lover ( Princeton adoption love story) by 4eva_Jah
How my brother turned into my love...by jahsehandstokemybae
Today I got adopted, But what happens when I start catching feelings for my brother.......
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A Perfect World by theofficalnah
A Perfect Worldby @askbout.nyla
(new cover) One fan. One singer. Can they ever fall in love? Did it only take a tour to get noticed? This is a story about one girl named Ashanti Johnson 22 year old who...
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Princeton Perez Imagines 🖤 by _BloodyBills
Princeton Perez Imagines 🖤by _BlueMoney
Imagines all about Jacob Perez 🤫
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Raquel The Thug by WorddGoddhest
Raquel The Thugby WorddGoddhest
Raquel Marie Slater is a thug and she's on her grind. Her parents abandoned her at the age 15 so she's been on her own since. She's also a singer in the making going b...
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~The shooter:Rayan Lopez~ by Chanloveswriting
~The shooter:Rayan Lopez~by Chanloveswriting
Being in a gang with best friends and family can cause trouble, more like betrayal in this case. Two best friends that was always joined at the hip is now in deep shit...
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Knocked Up: RayanLopez by Chanloveswriting
Knocked Up: RayanLopezby Chanloveswriting
A story where everything changes have you ever heard of a one night stand? That's where it all started for Starasia Johnson. It started with a party and a couple of drin...
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The Maid by itss_gxldn
The Maidby itss_gxldn
"Just A Maid?..."
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Puzzle Piece  by JDentertainer
Puzzle Piece by JD
Read to find out !
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I miss him . by Urshielah
I miss him .by Urshielah
Amy Rodriguez is 17 years old . Her mother died of cancer when she was only 14 years old . She cannot afford to live on her own and pay her studies. She applies for a jo...
Pleasure & Princeton  by melanin4ever
Pleasure & Princeton by ✨
JP & Seviyana are two individuals from different worlds, but with the same interests in common, will they intertwine with each other or become strangers with distant mem...
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Family Affairs by CT4E__
Family Affairsby CT4E__
Between all the lies, Scandals, and betrayal.. with a side of deep friendship and love, will this crazy family be able to stick together throughout the long road of obst...
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The Alpha King of the Forest  by Breezy199467
The Alpha King of the Forest by Brianne Armstrong
Prince and Brianna was best friends since childhood. But when time comes Prince had to make her as his mate to be king also protect her from Vampire King Victor and Tek...
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The boy with the hood  by JDentertainer
The boy with the hood by JD
Jacob always wore a hood, and was constantly bullied or being beat up, he avoids tellings his mom the truth and he avoids making friends untill he meets ray, but ever si...
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Jacob Perez by DoubleAisBae
Jacob Perezby DoubleAisBae
Book 1 - PRINCETON Book 2 - Papi Chulo _________________________ Book 3 Now welcome to the third picture book all about the one and only Princeton ! [picture book]
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