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The Incoming Hero by Arcticwolf22
The Incoming Heroby Arcticwolf22
As the final battle was drawing to a close, Gaea would not go down without taking the one person who gave everyone hope down with her. Percy Jackson soon found himself i...
PJO React! by CrystalCloud_Lover8
PJO React!by Cristal
No characters except Lunar (me), Eclipse, Sapphire and Emily are not mine. They are Rick Riordan's
Gaea/Terra's Assistant by TammyHongNguyen
Gaea/Terra's Assistantby Tammy Nguyen
I recently read the 1st and part of the 2nd Percy Jackson Series and loved them, so I decided to make my first Percy fanfiction. Hope you guys enjoy! :D and also SPOILER...
When He Returned by JunetheVixen
When He Returnedby JunetheVixen
- It's all about the promise. The promise that he broke. Abandoning her without notice for five whole years to Japan for business is not something she can easily forgive...
Bare (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by BeckoningShadows
Bare (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)by BeckoningShadows
A Percy Jackson mortal!AU in which all of your favorite characters attend Vienna Downs High School. I do not own the PJatO/HoO characters, they belong to Rick Riordan. A...
I don't know about you ( percy Jackson x reader ) by storytimewithlivi
I don't know about you ( percy Jac...by storytimewithlivi
" I don't know what is about you but I feel like I know you." Said percy.
The Love of the Death Boy by rabidgoldfish333
The Love of the Death Boyby Kyra
...and the trouble she causes. Spoilers from The Titan's Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, The Last Olympian, and The Lost Hero.
Still loving you by Helowine
Still loving youby Helowine
"Kenapa harus ada dia diantara hubungan kita? Sebenarnya apa hubungan antara kalian berdua? Dan kenapa kau baru menunjukkan ini saat aku sudah sangat mencintaimu? K...
Picturesque - Jingyeom by ChocoShakeYugyeom
Picturesque - Jingyeomby Candy🍬
idk what to put here im not creative
Titan Chronicles:Birth of the Titans by Aedralord
Titan Chronicles:Birth of the Tita...by Gabriel garcia
Four young Demi-Gods/titans embarking on a journey and adventure who are recruited by the worlds Most high tech army are about to see in what kind of world they've been...
A demigod and Pregnant by _-RIPTIDE-_
A demigod and Pregnantby Abandoned
All the demigods are do e with the war, and most of them live in apartments togethe. Starting lives, going to school. But what happens when one of them, get dirty and ge...
Nimsy's Memory by 419hawaii
Nimsy's Memoryby Olivia Baggins
---ON HOLD \ DON"T EXPECT THIS TO CONTINUE this story was written like, five years ago...--- Nimsy, daughter of a muse and one of Hecate's un-talked about creations...
The Violet  Dawn ( A Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus Fanfic) by KillerJade
The Violet Dawn ( A Percy Jackson...by Amy Dong
The chronicles of Jade, Scott and Will. Three demigods from Homelands, but will they make it with the help of Jazz and AJ? Or will someone be left behind? (This...
Traitor by _nightmare_herself
Traitorby Anonymous
Is it right to sacrifice yourself for someone you love? Even its wrong? Can you fall inlove again if this is your situation? Find out