Jackdaw Stories

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Aboard the Jackdaw: Under Edward Kenway And The Black Flag by EmilyPaille
Aboard the Jackdaw: Under Edward K...by Emily Paille
#1 Rank of Edward Kenway Upon the perilous waters of the Caribbean, the dreaded Jackdaw claims her dominance. The pirate captain that some believe to be the Devil himsel...
Broken Soldier ~ Assassin's Creed 4 by WhatAJamie
Broken Soldier ~ Assassin's Creed 4by Jamie / Trash
A forbidden friendship. One startling mystery. Elisa, the step-daughter of a nobleman, finds herself befriending a man of a different social class than her. Now Elisa mu...
Assassin's Creed ONESHOTS by nopeh_ruski
Assassin's Creed ONESHOTSby Natasha Andreeva
It's all in the title. I will try with all of my heart to update every weekend/as often as I can, but AD/HD and homework suck ass, amirite? I will POTENTIALLY do smut, a...
Entry Point OneShots by Galaxy_Wolfyyy
Entry Point OneShotsby Galaxy_Wolfyyy
Random shitty oneshots about this good gun game in Roblox by Cishato. All characters belong to Cishato. Well, here are the characters that belong to her: -The Director ...
The Inevitable by Arkxn_
The Inevitableby Arkxn_
Nyx had been a member of Phoenix since he was 11. But now was the time they struck upon Halcyon. This would hopefully be the end of Halcyon, not them.
entry point by WolfWithers
entry pointby CJ
[UNEDITED] Teenage superspy Hunter Wyndham is no ordinary girl. When her father died when she was twelve, she had found out about his dealings in the criminal underworld...
The Second Shadow War (An Entry Point Story) by Kylealta
The Second Shadow War (An Entry Po...by Kylealta
This is the story of a couple of operatives, a group who survived the explosion of Black Dusk. This takes place 3 years after the killing of Kingfisher. The group made a...
Kenway's plans by Vegvisir
Kenway's plansby Vegvisir
Part 1 Following on immediately after 'Vanes Deception' a quick story where Edward and the crew travel to Tortuga to raid a warehouse, with you in tow, you find out who...
Good Old Supernatrual (Assassins Creed FanFiction) by GameAndFood
Good Old Supernatrual (Assassins C...by NightcoreAwesomeness
Supernatural people have owned the lands for YEARS but now in this time and day they have been taken over by humans. But the supernaturals have found a way to hide... Ca...
Shay Cormac vs Edward Kenway by ShadowKraken
Shay Cormac vs Edward Kenwayby ShadowKraken
The Epic battle begins. And Ends.
The Woman From the Fire Pits by Bryannaakins560
The Woman From the Fire Pitsby Bryanna Michelle Akins
Edward Kenway was perfectly happy drinking himself into a stupor once more. A barmaid insisted that he go down to the Fire Pits to see the Tempest fight, but he didn't e...
The Golden Kingdom by LouNightingale
The Golden Kingdomby Louella Nightingale
Seleman used to be a world where to be human was to be an anomaly. But now, with the human population outweighing that of the original inhabitants, the world has become...
jackdaw 1 : rum island by EzioDoranAllahad
jackdaw 1 : rum islandby EzioDoranAllahad
a short story about the most kickass pirate - Edward kenway
3 Wishes by IceSage_Indigo
3 Wishesby IceSage_Indigo
Abandoned by her mother and left with her brother, Jackdaw is cold as frost. She trust no one, save her brother and only friend. When a new force awakens, Jackdaw has no...
Warriors Book One: Shattering Waves by jackdawpaw
Warriors Book One: Shattering Wavesby j-a-c-k-d-a-w
The medicine cats predict a giant wave, and as Camelliapaw of BlizzardClan wonders what the giant wave actually is, another wave comes in. Waves of grief and death, sha...
The Mermaid And The Pirate by LadyKittyKenway
The Mermaid And The Pirateby Justice Marie
Edward is out sailing on the open seas and one lucky day he finds a surprise that will forever change this pirate's life.
The Girl from the Black Sea (Black Flag FanFiction) by EzryFire
The Girl from the Black Sea (Black...by EzryFire
James Kidd needed a new girl but does not know if this girl, from the Black Sea will fine out his secret. But he could not help but to let her on his ship after all that...
A Pirates Wench by ImagineDreamWrite
A Pirates Wenchby ImagineDreamWrite
Captain James Kidd is a busy man. Between sailing his own ship in the search for true freedom, trying to get Edward Kenway to think of more than just gold and riches, an...
Christdaw origin story by cipherfalls
Christdaw origin storyby cipherfalls
Two lovers; that met completely by fate.