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Fairy Tail x Reader One-Shots ❤ {EDITING} by CharizardDragon
Fairy Tail x Reader One-Shots ❤ {E...by Charizard Dragon
Find cute stories with your favorite Fairy Tail characters here! Whatever thou heart desires, I shall type. This book is female-centered, however, there are more and mor...
  • fairytailoneshots
  • one-shot
  • juvia
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My Savior by Urushiana
My Saviorby Uru
Lucy's life is a mess after Team Natsu disbands, she even starts with self abuse. But when she gets a work for the council, will that change? Is she going to give up on...
  • criminal
  • tartaros
  • natsu
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The Man Behind the Mask (Rainbow Six Siege X Male Reader) by JetstreamSam
The Man Behind the Mask (Rainbow S...by Chris Winters
Y/N L/N joined the White Mask thinking you could make a difference, that all changed when you met team Rainbow, fortunately for you they opened your eyes.
  • r6
  • jackal
  • ela
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A ticking bomb by Urushiana
A ticking bombby Uru
A fairy tail fanfiction. Lucy meets Jackal when she's on a job and ends up owing him a favor, so he decides to stay with her in her house. But what will the guild say w...
  • tail
  • anime
  • fairy
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Rainbow Six Siege Oneshots by burzumme
Rainbow Six Siege Oneshotsby burzumme
I don't do male readers. Ich werde nicht x männliche Lesergeschichten schreiben. (25/12/18)
  • lion
  • mozzie
  • mute
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The Secret Mission by musiclover306
The Secret Missionby musiclover306
Lucy is given a task from the Magic Council, and she gets some new roomies. She is more than welcome to let them stay and become friends, but are those feelings mutual...
  • sabertooth
  • seilah
  • jackalxlucy
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Fairytail Daughter Scenarios DISCONTINUED  by candy_and_mabel
Fairytail Daughter Scenarios DISCO...by Cindy
Please refer to title, more info will be provided in book. The highest ranking for this book is #1 for Mirajane Strauss!
  • yukino
  • sting
  • stingeucliffe
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The Assassin [Prince! Sting Eucliffe X Assassin! Reader] by Phoenix_DragonSlayer
The Assassin [Prince! Sting Euclif...by Resurrected
After your mother was killed by a demon, you were forced to join a guild and work for them, that is, until you met a certain blonde Prince. (More description will be av...
  • sabertooth
  • natsudragneel
  • jackal
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(Jackal x Reader)Explosion Of Love by AcesFuckingCrazy
(Jackal x Reader)Explosion Of Loveby ʀᴀᴍsᴇʏ
✘ON GOING✘Slow ††† Story contains abuse,sexual assault,and harassment you have been warned ††† ✘ "YOUR FUCKING CRAZY!" "..." "WHAT?NOTHING T...
  • celestial
  • jackalxreader
  • jackal
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Yandere!Natsu x Lucy: I Love You~ {A Fairy Tail Fanfic} by LisaHeartfilia10121
Yandere!Natsu x Lucy: I Love You~...by Lisa Heartfilia
Nothing, was all that I had ever felt. Until...I met her. And then, my life finally had a meaning. Nothing else mattered. No one else mattered. She is the only thing im...
  • natsudragneel
  • stinglu
  • drama
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Ask, truth and dare Tartaros! by enderine11
Ask, truth and dare Tartaros!by Jackal
Ask the nine demon gates along with mard geer and lamy, dare them and make them tell the truth!
  • silver
  • franmalth
  • dare
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❝when you kiss me, heaven sighs. and though i close my eyes, i see la vie en rose.❞ ↳ she was the angel that also ...
  • grayfullbuster
  • japan
  • natsudragneel
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Demon's Love♥ Book 1<MarLu Vs. JaLu> by Angelgodslayer
Demon's Love♥ Book 1by Angel_Rose_Vine
Watty's 2018 (dunno what rank I was -,-) Love is for anyone, humans, animals, and plants... But what about Demon? Do they deserve love? We don't know how powerful love i...
  • jackalandlucy
  • fairytail
  • romance
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Passion for a Savage by FlirtyBunnyMinx
Passion for a Savageby Bunny
After being kicked out of Team Natsu, Lucy quits the guild. But not before taking one last mission. During the mission, Lucy found herself running off course from her or...
  • fanfiction
  • lamy
  • fanfic
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Taming A Demon's Heart by JackalDesu
Taming A Demon's Heartby j a c k a l
{Fairy Tail Fanfic} After Tartaros is defeated, Natsu and Happy disappear, leaving Lucy a note. To make things worse, Fairy Tail disbands and the members part. What happ...
  • stinglu
  • completed
  • fanfic
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Fairytail Parents Scenario by Sleepingparis
Fairytail Parents Scenarioby ...
Character Included: Natsu Gray Laxus Gajeel Bixslow Jellal Sting Rogue Jackal Mard Geer Have fun reading
  • jellal
  • ftscenario
  • sting
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Forbidden Love | Rainbow Six Siege by catapples
Forbidden Love | Rainbow Six Siegeby catapples
In a world where it's forbidden to love; In a world where love is illegal; In a world where if you die, you don't respawn; In a world where violence is the answer, and l...
  • caveira
  • rainbowsixsiege
  • jackal
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Demon's Love Book 2 <JaLu vs. MarLu> by Angelgodslayer
Demon's Love Book 2 by Angel_Rose_Vine
Most Impressive rank: #9 mardgeer Lucy, Natsu, Jackal, Mard Geer and Happy went to a journey to search for their friends and guildmates. And as their journey continues...
  • fairytail
  • marlu
  • malu
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Demon of Tartaros (Jackal x reader) by ellasue48
Demon of Tartaros (Jackal x reader)by ellasue48
You are one of the 9 demon gates of tartaros. You have infiltrated council for about 8 years. What happens when Jackal comes to blow up the Magic Council with you...
  • readerxcharacter
  • jackalxreader
  • magiccouncil
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