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Shadowhunters Imagines  by blackthornslightwood
Shadowhunters Imagines by blackthornslightwood
I write imagines based off the books and the tv show. I will write - Alec -Jace -Simon
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Faded Runes |Alec Lightwood| by evie_morelle
Faded Runes |Alec Lightwood|by evie_morelle
Sophie Lightwood (née Wayland) was deeply intertwined into the New York Institute, being the sister of Jace Wayland, the parabatai of Isabelle Lightwood and the wife to...
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𝕄𝕀ℝ𝕀𝔽𝕀ℂ a.lightwood [2] ✔ by jackbarakms
𝕄𝕀ℝ𝕀𝔽𝕀ℂ a.lightwood [2] ✔by ✨𝙥𝙖𝙙𝙛𝙤𝙤𝙩✨
Chris Loss was sure life couldn't get better. Alec Lightwood had finally kissed him, they were going to be together, they were going to go on their first date. Suddenly...
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New York academy  by marie77078
New York academy by marie77078
Clary and her brother Jon start going to a shadowhunter training school as they both learn how family really is and how love is not to destroy as they get closer with th...
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predestined | jace herondale by concupiscentz
predestined | jace herondaleby ♡
he was my escape from all the insanity that surrounded me; things I thought were only legends.
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SHADOWHUNTERS SMUT by touchmymango
a collection of shadowhunters / the mortal instruments smut oneshots based off of your favorite ships. features clabastian, clace, jizzy, sizzy, sebizzy, jalec, malec, c...
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30 day otp challenge - jimon edition by toofamousyikes
30 day otp challenge - jimon editi...by new acc: goldenscripturient
a collection of stories based on the pairing of simon lewis and jace herondale. all characters belong to cassandra clare in her mortal instruments book series. pro...
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The Malec Chronicles by olivemartini123
The Malec Chroniclesby olivemartini
A collection of those hidden Malec moments that were missing from the series. Fluff, angst, and more. Everything familiar belongs to Cassandra Clare.
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Malec AU- My Little Secret by Shadow_hunters13
Malec AU- My Little Secretby _Shadow_Hunters73_
Magnus- The popular kid who everyone likes but he has one big secret that no one knows about, he's bi and has a crush on the sky kid in his class... Alexander. His day g...
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The Shadowhunters:City Of Children....A Mortal Instruments Fanfic by KimmyFernandez2000
The Shadowhunters:City Of Children...by Kimmy_9320
Highest Rankings: #2 in Sizzy(11th May 2018) #1 in Jace Lightwood (9th March 2019) What happens when a spell goes wrong by Magnus turns Jace,Isabelle and Alec into child...
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Collisions (Originals/Vampire Diaries/Shadowhunters) by littlestwriter
Collisions (Originals/Vampire Diar...by littlestwriter
Hope Mikaelson. Daughter of the deadly Klaus Mikaelson. Part witch, werewolf and vampire. She is fierce, alluring and powerful. After all, being taught how to fight by t...
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The Shadowhunter Heir by Winter_1027
The Shadowhunter Heirby Winter_1027
Aurora "Rory" Shadowhunter is the last of her name. Famous in the Shadow World for being Jonathan Showhunter's last direct descendant and for being one of the...
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Alice ༺༻ J. Herondale (on hold) by obuchi_m
Alice ༺༻ J. Herondale (on hold)by ✰prudence blackwood✰
Alice- In which the little girl from Wonderland lands in New York and catches the eye of a blond shadowhunter. [Season 1-?]
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Tmi oneshots and x readers by Dragon019
Tmi oneshots and x readersby Cheshire Cat
So this is just a collection of one shots and x readers of the characters from tmi. I am very happy to take requests if you have any and I really hope you enjoy.
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Beauty and the Beast ~ a malec fanfiction by MissLMF
Beauty and the Beast ~ a malec fan...by lorna
"Who could ever learn to love a beast?" --- Prince Magnus wasn't exactly grateful of the life that he lived. He was selfish and vain, unappreciative of his st...
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Mój chłopak wychodzi za mąż. by em_ka_
Mój chłopak wychodzi za mąż.by em_ka_
Wcale nie tak dawno temu Alec i Lydia... A nie, to nie ta bajka. Alec i Magnus. Magnus i Alec. I kot. Czy coś im może przeszkodzić? Chyba nie. Gwarantuję dużo śmiechu...
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What Once Was Lost by MShig93
What Once Was Lostby MShig93
Samantha Wayland is Jace's wife. They were married before the events of the Mortal Instruments. Samantha was kidnapped a month before Jace met Clary. The war has been wo...
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100 Magnus Bane Quotes by ___meraki
100 Magnus Bane Quotesby meraki
100 quotes from the character Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices and The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare. All quotes are property of Cassan...
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(nie)Śmiertelni by em_ka_
(nie)Śmiertelniby em_ka_
Magnus ma sekret. Wielki sekret. Taki, który może zmienić wszystko. Nikt nic nie wie - i tylko Alec czegoś się domyśla, ale jak mógłby nie, skoro mieszkają razem? Magnus...
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𝕄𝕀ℤℙ𝔸ℍ a.lightwood [3] by jackbarakms
𝕄𝕀ℤℙ𝔸ℍ a.lightwood [3]by ✨𝙥𝙖𝙙𝙛𝙤𝙤𝙩✨
They've powered through, somehow. Christopher Loss and Alexander Lightwood are together, they're in love, and they even have a daughter together. Technically she's Chris...
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