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Smile - YOONSOO by internationalkookie
Smile - YOONSOOby ☆BubbleTAE☆
Yoongi x Ji soo -- "Stop smiling." "I can't help it. She's such an entertaining MC" - She was the only one who made him smile.
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joah ≫ park jisung by jisungry
joah ≫ park jisungby catalina ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
"i like you." "what? you're joking right?"
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BTS preferences by xXHaveACookieXx
BTS preferencesby JellyBean🍬
Just some BTS preferences because they are literally perfect and I'm lonely😂
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Mia and Jayden Power Rangers Samurai  by flora_22
Mia and Jayden Power Rangers Samur...by flora_22
This story is about the pink and red power rangers and there love to each other. Mia's keeping a big secret from the others . Btw I do not own any of these characters a...
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A different point of view (updated) by mony1231
A different point of view (updated)by Antimony
This sorry takes place inside the world of Hwarang. Were the young author, Katalina, is taken into the world to fix her mistakes. Will she find a love intrust, or die i...
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ramen | JiminxYou by baekahh
ramen | JiminxYouby 백아
"I'll pay for the ramen "I-it's okay." "No. Let me pay. You don't have money." ...
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As White As Snow • Jayden Shiba by MakkaIsMe
As White As Snow • Jayden Shibaby Jimagics
Alice Tachibana. The white ranger of the element of ice and snow. A title that's not only ancient but legendary. It is passed down from generation to generation. Althoug...
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why do fools fall in love by idkidkirdk
why do fools fall in loveby idkidkirdk
Love is a losing game Love can a be shame I know of a fool You see For that fool is me Tell me why, why, why Tell me why Why do birds sing so gay? And lovers await the b...
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• EGO • by eboyanime
• EGO •by ⑅teo⑅
^ I love him so much <3 My hubby <3000 ―⚝ ⦂ ❛ 봄 눈이 내리고있다, 내 마음이 떨어지는 것처럼, 당신을 위해 ❜ ➳💛»
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The Red and Gold World  by MultiFandomPlanet
The Red and Gold World by MultiFandomPlanet
Jayden Shiba is more than glad to leave the fighting world after defeating Master Xandred. But after his friends leave to move on to their own lives; Jayden starts to fe...
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Recortes de la vida de un Caballero de Hielo y una Dama de Porcelana by Guangcita
Recortes de la vida de un Caballer...by Ana Espinoza Maya
GuangHong es la princesa de China, que ha sido enviada a India para casarse con su príncipe, yendo en compañía de Yuuri, la princesa de Japón de camino a Rusia, donde de...
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All Love For You (Supa Peach & J.I) by saturnaniusx
All Love For You (Supa Peach & J.I)by saturnaniusx
Summer 17 was a chance to explore, go on adventures, and spend time with your friends. This was one of the most biggest journeys of your life. Supa Peach and J.I's bigge...
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Love so much but hate by MariaEstalla
Love so much but hateby Wyne
nyongtory fanfic
Power Ranger Preferences by 1Nightwings_babysis1
Power Ranger Preferencesby Cindy Grayson
❤💙💚💛💖 love is beautiful❤💙💚💛💖 Both OC and Reader Preferences just so you won't feel upset. Whatever happens in the OC stories will happen to you except a couple o...
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Powers (Yuri On Ice AU fanfic)  by DragonRaindrop
Powers (Yuri On Ice AU fanfic) by Yoonie Aurora
Victuuri (Victor x Yuuri) Otayuri (Otabek x Yuri(o)) Seungchuchu (Phichit x Seung-gil) a story in which Yuuri discovers he has some strange powers They still skate Phich...
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AYANA by Libranair4
AYANAby Libranair4
I'm Ayana, a chocolate 16 year old with some friends and some enemies. My enemies are my bullies. I've been abused and bullied all my life. I fight back just to get knoc...
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Care {On Hold} by saddermind
Care {On Hold}by saddermind
I have one question. Did you ever care? Did I ever matter to you? You forgot about what happened. All your lies. Lies that I fell for. I guess I wasn't thinking. I...
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cuffed (Deetranova) by hope1299
cuffed (Deetranova)by kk.slays
deetranada and nova are handcuffed together to work out their differents. which not easy saying that their worst enemies.
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rap game high school edition by hope1299
rap game high school editionby kk.slays
Deetranada is new student in J.D high school.she had make some new friends and some new enemies.so,she has to proof that she is best rapper in the school.
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Love In The Air? ( The Rap Game Chronicles)  by ifandeetranada
Love In The Air? ( The Rap Game Ch...by FULL TIME SAVAGE​
After JD gives Nova the Chain , summer 17 begins.
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