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Immortal Grudge  by Revenant63
Immortal Grudge by Revenant63
People are fragile, it takes very little to break them, the almost loss of a loved one, the impossibility of realizing one's dream or extreme physical and mental pain;...
The mechanic  by WolfSama8
The mechanic by Wolf Sama
Framed for a crime he didn't commit served 6 years of a life sentence until he was free before disappearing from the public eye with nothing but hatred for héroes and hi...
The king with three heads by abysscalibur
The king with three headsby abysscalibur
Ghidorah's head was found by an evil business and they try and see if the DNA of a kaiju is compatible with that of something from Earth and ofcourse in evil business fa...
Frog And Her Experiment by GreenNinjaDT1
Frog And Her Experimentby Spirit Guardian:Sin
An experiment created by a person who desired to make a soldier powerful enough to make a change for their beliefs had escaped their labs and ran out into open now it ha...
Never Fully Dressed Without One... by alucardlevel000
Never Fully Dressed Without One...by Alucard Level00
"Smile my dear! You're never fully dressed without one!" Izuku X Harem. Izuku with Alastor powers. Some crossover characters. The main pairing will be Yui - A...
Singer Deku by TogaSimp171
Singer Dekuby TogaSimp171
I know this name is like all the other ones, but i want to try to make this one include all girls as it is izuku x harem. (And no Pedophilia like IzuEri or IzuMidnight e...
Iridescent Moonlight Sonata by alucardlevel000
Iridescent Moonlight Sonataby Alucard Level00
[...!] Muscles ripped, bones creaked, nails sharpened as a green patch of fur started to grow from every single part of Izuku body. His height increased, and his face el...
Smithing Legend's by alucardlevel000
Smithing Legend'sby Alucard Level00
To save his childhood friend, Izuku awakened the power to smith legends itself.
The return of the Power Rangers by Wolfie932
The return of the Power Rangersby Wolfie 93
Izutsu - Izuku x Tsuyu Himina - Himiko x Mina Urabaku - Uraraka x Bakugo Kiritodo - Kirishima x Todoroki Tokoiida - Tokoyami and Iida This story doesn't make sense. This...
Commander Izuku by Wolfie932
Commander Izukuby Wolfie 93
Izuku Sheppard is the son to Commander Sheppard and Ashley Sheppard (formally known as Williams).
Ashes of the beasts by FeWO-28
Ashes of the beastsby FeWO-28
Se teda la oportunidad de la persona menos esperada del mundo, es tu decisión que hacer con ella, pero aquella oportunidad se te dio por algo. Aprovéchala lo mejor que s...
Deku x harem (canceled)don't read it's awful by Ayo_0wtf
Deku x harem (canceled)don't read...by Unkn0wn
all the girls fall in love with deku. I do not own any of the characters but the new guy PS.it's really short chapters cuz I'm lazy
Just by being there for each other by Wolfie932
Just by being there for each otherby Wolfie 93
No longer a one shot of IzuTsuyu. I've decided to change it to a story. Hope you enjoy it.
The Tales Of izuku the kid  by WolfSama8
The Tales Of izuku the kid by Wolf Sama
izuku abandoned by his father at the age of 4 for being quirkless at the young age of 4 living in the bad part of town with his mother a darkness grew Inside izuku until...
My Dating Simulator Academy by alucardlevel000
My Dating Simulator Academyby Alucard Level00
Katsumi needed help... When no one took a step to help her... Izuku moved... And... As he did... The world gave him a push.
Ninja Izuku (Has Been Rewriten) by Wolfie932
Ninja Izuku (Has Been Rewriten)by Wolfie 93
Izuku Yagi was a smart kid his IQ rivaled that of the chimera principal of U.A. himself. He then trained to be the best assassin, and to be the grand master of both the...
(Bnha) A anomaly Among hero's  by Red_legend
(Bnha) A anomaly Among hero's by Red_legend
Make it so only women have quirks, gender Bend all main characters with a quirk other than Izuku, give him some different quirks, and boom that's the story.
The Conduit Hero (MHA X Infamous Second Son) On Hold  by PuntersRev
The Conduit Hero (MHA X Infamous S...by PuntersRev
'Conduits' A word that describes people of the unnatural. This word has been used over time and time again, a word that has been feared by many. However... ever since...