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Do What You Gotta Do (TDBKDK) by HttpsNeo_
Do What You Gotta Do (TDBKDK)by vhttxps
Bakugo is a rich snob. He meets up with a wealthy businessman (Todoroki) to discuss buying property together. Bakugou and Todoroki have went to Highschool together. (Th...
Izuku went through things a kid should never. He was neglected. He was abused. He was bullied. He was experimented. But he stood strong facing everything and achieved hi...
The Perfect Time || A Tododeku Story || Discontinued by bittersweetRequiem
The Perfect Time || A Tododeku Sto...by OberonPolarisHD
When quirks became a thing another world wide phenomenon rose with it. It was a soulmate system where when a pair of soulmates meet, one person would be aware that they...
TodoDeku/DekuTodo Smut/Fluff by notyourdevil66
TodoDeku/DekuTodo Smut/Fluffby Amir
its mainly been top Izu xD and exactly the title please donr report- requests are nice lol Cover is mine, My pics art is @/Tddkuwu fluff, or smut is fine
Porque tú me enseñaste a vivir by daftka
Porque tú me enseñaste a vivirby ✨ Daftka ✨
Una maldición cae en un niño inocente, día a día su corazón y su cuerpo van sufriendo los estragos de un trato hecho tiempo atrás, "el fuego y el hielo son la mejor...
This is home by FreezeBurnMultifan
This is homeby 🔥A weirdo❄️
OBS! So far this is a one shot but I might build onto it later. There was a knock on his door "It's unlocked" Izuku said, I wonder if it's Uraraka? The door...
Izuku the Vietcong Fighter by Qing_Restorer
Izuku the Vietcong Fighterby Alexander Wei
Izuku is just a VC Fighter that is holding out in vietnam, 1-A is tasked to bring him and Denki home. TodoDeku! Denki is also part of the VC.
themis + tododeku by ardentdread
themis + tododekuby arde
The iridescence of his gaze makes Shouto see color in a way he hadn't before. Light shines through the drapes, shrouding old photographs that hold a tenfold of memories...
All For Me, None For You *^A BNHA fanfiction^* by SkyOrBP964
All For Me, None For You *^A BNHA...by DoubleHappiness
I can't find this anywhere so here you go! Warning!!! 1) This is my first BNHA fanfiction. 2) Bakugou is a dirty boy with a dirty mouth and children should not hear him...
My Gayness Academia by harutojanaidesu
My Gayness Academiaby 愛したい
We all know that they're all gay.
Tododeku- An Awakening by Falkuey_artster
Tododeku- An Awakeningby Falkuey_artster
Two heros, training to become the best that they can be. Unexpectedly, one of them discovers love, but they didnt know that it was their dearest friend until now. Will t...
TodoDeku One-Shot by AnimeForever69
TodoDeku One-Shotby AnimeForever69
As they're doing their homework, a song comes on and Midoriya gets an idea. He starts dancing and having fun with Todoroki. What happens when things start getting a litt...
The power of friendship (Tododeku) by Pamela_Constable
The power of friendship (Tododeku)by Sekushina_Kyokugieshi
This story is based off the Australian poem "We are going". I decided to write about this poem because in my English class we had to write a story about an Aus...
Zero to God (Op izuku x momo) by whatifdevil
Zero to God (Op izuku x momo)by what if devil
Life is unfair to izuku yagi who was a happy ordinary kid having loving parents and sister and friends wanting to become hero like his idols All might and Green magneta...
Flowers Can Make Even The Worst Situation Better by Passing_Ghost_Friend
Flowers Can Make Even The Worst Si...by Passing_Ghost_Friend
Shoto was staggering through an alleyway with a stab wound bleeding out. He gritted his teeth, thinking it was the last he would ever see of the night sky again. "U...
I've What! ||TO BE UPDATED SOON|| by NMMathias
I've What! ||TO BE UPDATED SOON||by Nailea_Matt
It starts off as a normal training day when villains attack. Midoriya gets struck by one of their quirks which changes his gender? Everything is different now. What's go...
Snow in Venice (TodoDeku One-Shot) by BrightEyesEren
Snow in Venice (TodoDeku One-Shot)by ☆ Inactive ☆
Todoroki Shouto works at a bookstore. The job suddenly seems a lot more appealing when a man named Midoriya Izuku walks in. -- for a secret Santa gift !!