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A Dekulissa Fic (Rewrite of Old Story) by SDSWeeaboo117
A Dekulissa Fic (Rewrite of Old St...by The Last Raditz Fan
Rewrite of: https://www.wattpad.com/story/213126477-a-melissa-x-midoriya-fic For people who ship these 2, here's a fic for ya. It starts out Izuocha, but it will become...
Gamer's Choice by KinnPendragon
Gamer's Choiceby KINN PENDRAGON
Izuku yagi son of Toshinori Yagi and Inko Yagi or better know as the number one hero All Might and number 9 hero Lady Magnet, brother of Izumi Yagi. Born weak and quirkl...
Izuku X by humatrix-X-24
Izuku Xby humatrix-X-24
Izuku, a young boy who aspires to be a great hero like the many pro heroes he idolizes. Alas, he was diagnosed without a quirk, and because of that the boy was ridiculed...
Titanic Force. by DramaKing753
Titanic Force.by King of the Stage.
Izuku Yagi has a hidden Strength quirk.
Why Should I? by ARC655
Why Should I?by ARCERET
Villain Deku ... Basically izuku is a villain
The Path Of The Force  by WolfSama8
The Path Of The Force by Wolf Sama
what if anakin left the jedi order with ahsoka what if they went on a planet called earth and found there very own padawan called izuku yagi who has as much metaglorians...
big brother~~ by kodaxgamer12
big brother~~by Me commit die
what happens when mirio revels he has a brother its the one and only izuku yagi well ex yagi nejire findes herself crushing on mirio lil brother izuku midoriya
Long Live Japan by ARC655
Long Live Japanby ARCERET
During the years of galactic exploration, humanity has expanded it's horizons. They've traveller from star to star, planet to planet. But little did they know, enemies g...
What it's worth by St3amed_Ponktatoes
What it's worthby St3amed_Ponktatoes
Izuku Midoriya has fallen into despair and has stopped supporting heroes as a whole going even further as to shutdown the Midoriya Support Studio, will Kota and the res...