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Izuku Yagi The Guardian Of Pyro by nejirexdeku580
Izuku Yagi The Guardian Of Pyroby green chicken storm
Izuku yagi son of all might and green tornado number 1 and 5 ranked heroes he is born quirkless unlike his twin sister izumi causing him do be neglected and bullied by h...
The life fiber duo by ErvingGamer
The life fiber duoby Erving Garcia
MhaxKill la kill Before her father died he gave her half of a scissor blade and told her that once she finds the other half she will also find her soulmate.Years later s...
A Dragon's Saving Love by Kirisakiyuu
A Dragon's Saving Loveby Kirisaki Jack
Starts from after season 5 and around chapter 310 (basically when he was rogue for a bit) with things changed around a bit. Also, Uraraka does NOT love Izuku but simply...
Friday The 13th: Killer Hero by theheartless204
Friday The 13th: Killer Heroby The Don
After being told he was quirkless Izuku Yagi got abused by his parents and classmates so he ran away. He struggled to survive and was eventually killed during a villain...
THE POWER OF THE EIGHT GATES! by themulitshipper2
Izuku Midoryia was born quirkless and got abandoned by his family and forced to live on the streets. One day Izuku runs Into a man named "Might Guy." Izuku tri...
izuku el dios del hueso by Thescritormasterk
izuku el dios del huesoby W. Shadow
la vida es un juego aveces se gana aveces se pierde pero lo bueno de ella es que siempre puedes volver a empezar ¿ o no es así ? -papa mama porque no puedo ser un héroe...
Afo deku by Antivenomklyntar
Afo dekuby Antivenomklyntar
Izukuyagi was quickless and beaten by his family but was found by afo warning 18 or older
A Certain Magical Stand User Hero!! (Izuku & Ryuko in Certain Magical Index) by Izuku_Phantom18
A Certain Magical Stand User Hero...by Kamen Rider Izuku!
Just read, cause I got lazy to do this description... But to point it out to you guys, that Izuku will replace Touma, cause it will be difficult for me if he is still in...