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BNHA Kinktober || Character x Reader & Character x Character by rijeke
BNHA Kinktober || Character x Read...by 🖤𝐞𝐫𝐢🖤
Basically the title- After three years on this hellsite, I have decided to bite the bullet and write for Kinktober, with BNHA characters to be specific. Details on reque...
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*NSFW* BNHA Imagines by trxshmouth-Tozier
*NSFW* BNHA Imaginesby Trxsh
It's time to get kinky
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Crazy Drunk Mistake by Stillwell03
Crazy Drunk Mistakeby Stillwell03
After a visit from his father, Izuku finds himself in an unfamiliar bed and slowly realizes two things. One is that he's naked with two of his female classmates on each...
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My Hero Academia: Izuku the Ultimate Saiyajin Vigilante (Izuku x Momo) by TevinMoore92
My Hero Academia: Izuku the Ultima...by Tevin Lashawn Moore
Inspired by @Son_Izuku and the awesome hit series Saiyan Vigilante.
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Kinktober - 2019 by Anime_Chudoku
Kinktober - 2019by Rose Wenman
I'm ready this year lmao Have some CopyRight claims Anime/Manga: My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia Mangaka/Author: Kohei Horikoshi Animators/Producers: Studio Bone...
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☹︎Teacher's Pet☹︎ || ☢︎TodoDeku FanFic BnHA☢︎ by s0pxshi
☹︎Teacher's Pet☹︎ || ☢︎TodoDeku Fa...by 毒をめちゃくちゃ
Caught the teacher giving his eye to a student Thought he pretty cute and bit his lip back to him Chewing on his nails and pens while he's dreaming of him In he's fuckin...
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Midoriya Multiverse Madness by Ryan_Nerd7
Midoriya Multiverse Madnessby RyanTheNerd
A mysterious being with weird abilities decides to show 1-A and others the multiverse surrounding Midoriya and even some others. Read as they watch multiple versions of...
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Idol (idol!Deku x Bakugou) by He_Gone
Idol (idol!Deku x Bakugou)by Demonetized
This is my Idol!Deku AU. This will headcanons, scenarios, the occasional one-shots and much more. Deku drops his dream of being a hero shortly after his talk with All M...
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Endeku Soulmates by animelovermhashiper
Endeku Soulmatesby animelovermhashiper
Well they have never saw this happening. Shoto and his siblings don't know what to think about this. Well who really knows what is in store for both of them only the fut...
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Confrontés à l'Amour by Usagikami5
Confrontés à l'Amourby Usagi~kami
Ceci est une fanfiction de MHA/BNHA, donc : - les personnages ne m'appartiennent pas - l'anime original ne m'appartient pas C'est un KatsuDeku, donc : - BxB (lemon pas...
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I'm Here! ( Midoriya  X Bakugo X Todoroki X Reader) by gamer_chan_
I'm Here! ( Midoriya X Bakugo X T...by gamer_chan
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Plus One Gravity by Cloud_9ine
Plus One Gravityby Cloud_9ine
When (Y/N) Uraraka joins U.A alongside her sister, she expects her shy personality to prevent her from fitting in. However, she finds her classmates slowly growing attac...
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Blue Blood ~BNHA x Reader~ by FridayThe31st
Blue Blood ~BNHA x Reader~by Summer
Your quirk is in your blood. Literally. Known to doctors as 'Hemocyanin' you are a Blue Blood, the rarest type of healing quirk. While at your medical specialty high sch...
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•It's Your Quirk!• BNHA Roleplay by ariaaaa-
•It's Your Quirk!• BNHA Roleplayby Aria ❤︎
Aye, bnha!
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Unexpected changes /Omegaverse/ by Honey_not_today
Unexpected changes /Omegaverse/by Bitch please
On Izuku Midoriya's fourth birthday all of his hopes and dreams got washed down the fucking drain. He was quirkless, an omega, and had two mates. His whole life was ruin...
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The multiverse Oh My hero academia by CookieOfAnxiety
The multiverse Oh My hero academiaby CookieOfAnxiety
1) Credit to the Artist of the photo, description:
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BNHA (various) x F!reader by NocturnalPixie
BNHA (various) x F!readerby NocturnalPixie
(Y/n) (L/n) is a passionate and fun-loving girl. She applies to U.A despite her non-hero family and is determined to become an amazing hero. Along the way, she makes man...
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LOVE GAS (Bnha x Hero! Reader) by SkyImagination36
LOVE GAS (Bnha x Hero! Reader)by SkyKurosaki
"So, Young Gasugaru, Long time no see!" "Cut the crap, All might. Why did you call for me?" "Well...you see, I have finally found a successor fo...
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Kinktober Challenge by Soft_Bakughoemo
Kinktober Challengeby ×Soft Emo Baku×
...The fuck am I doing? Yeah...I was tagged and dared to do that so here. ;') " Did you think I wouldn't do it so that is why you gave me that dare? You are dead wr...
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MHA/BNHA RP (OPEN) by DaemonAestas
MHA/BNHA RP (OPEN)by Random Person
Basically the title. Fifth RP.
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