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IT'S US by Storiesno1
IT'S USby Storiesno.1
It is a story of Rakshit,Drishti,Shikar,Divya and Romi who together fight against the Evil power PISACHINI. Let's see what destiny has in store for them.
  • girlpower
  • superpower
  • twins
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A Second Chance (ANOTHER IT'S US CREW FANFIC!) by Starslayer_64
A Second Chance (ANOTHER IT'S US Starslayer_64
So basically this is how I imagine it would be if Don, Dick, and Dashlie ended up back in THQ and out of their "Copy" world. Enjoy 'w'
  • jon
  • uni
  • ashlie9596
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Heros of Bansho (An NSC Fanfic) by Starslayer_64
Heros of Bansho (An NSC Fanfic)by Starslayer_64
~ 1st things first ANYONE CAN READ THIS! I really just took characters, placed them in a medieval setting, and called it a fanfic lol. 2nd I Just Wanna Let Ya'll Know, a...
  • shootzki
  • nsc
  • jonjon
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The Knights by Kamuln
The Knightsby Kam
High elves were always thought of as elegant As beautiful As calm As peaceful But want if they killed an entire race What would they be then? Necklaces were made with ge...
  • newscapecrew
  • cheesybreesy
  • thefrozengargon
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Elderwood Forest by Starslayer_64
Elderwood Forestby Starslayer_64
  • dgang
  • fantasy
  • itsus
"Welcome to the Circus!" by A_Rai_Space
"Welcome to the Circus!"by Just_A_Rai_Space
"Welcome to the circus! Where we will show you our best tricks, talents, and most importantly, M a g i c." The V-Gang doesn't belong to me, it belongs to the m...
  • d-gang
  • jonjon
  • itsus
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Us Human Beings (Kinda) by F1neTh3n
Us Human Beings (Kinda)by 🦇 The Squad 🦇
Leo: A description of all of the Cinnabuns occupying this profile. :)
  • hellothere
  • itsus
  • squadgoals
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Tired Of Running (NewScapeCrew) by Bug_WolfCaster
Tired Of Running (NewScapeCrew)by MildOcean
Ashlie and Nick are run out of the city they live in when Ashlie is accused of witchcraft. They leave to the forest where the come across a run-down shack and a grave si...
  • newscapecrew
  • unicomics
  • ashlie9596
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Gay Newscapepro Oneshots by Swicker287
Gay Newscapepro Oneshotsby Swicker287
Just gay.
  • jon
  • frozengargon
  • ashlie
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A Mermaids Kiss[Ashlie9596 XFem!Reader] by Meialaona
A Mermaids Kiss[Ashlie9596 XFem! Meial
Y/N L/N is the most famous youtuber with 100,000,000,000 subs but there is a catch she lives underwater
  • ashlie9596xreader
  • itsus
  • newscapecast
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IMPERFECTIONS!! (POEM) by mili_singh
IMPERFECTIONS!! (POEM)by mili_singh
words, that higlight imperfect segments in people's life, that effect inner beauty, thoughts and confidence.
  • realfear
  • itsme
  • imperfect
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Queen Uni by HelenaMadsox
Queen Uniby whuddup it me
In a fictional universe, Uni, Dawn, Ashlie, Cory, and Nick are adopted by the queen of a newly formed country, and Tommy, a new squire, and Jon, a jester-in-training, ar...
  • cheezybreezi
  • unicomics
  • frozengargon
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