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Assistant to the Billionaire ✔ by theGhoulBoys_
Assistant to the Billionaire ✔by •.¸♡ 𝕿𝖆𝖛𝖆𝖓𝖆 ♡¸.•
#4 Romance 30/10/19 "Do you think you can keep up?" a cold voice asked "Mr Rycroft, you hired me because I could keep up, so I guess you're the answer to...
Together (Larry Stylinson) ✅ by larry_love_ED
Together (Larry Stylinson) ✅by larry_love_ED
Harry and Lou meet up again two years after they ended their four year relationship. Louis claims it's a business deal he's after with Harry, but Harry can't help but wo...
It's Complicated ✔️ by ambivertreader
It's Complicated ✔️by Sanobar
They are married, but not a couple. . . They are Husband and Wife, but complete strangers. . . What will happen when their worlds collide together? . . This is the stor...
It's Complicated 2 by ambivertreader
It's Complicated 2by Sanobar
This book is the sequel of Its Complicated and can't be read as a standalone. If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad or Inkitt you are ve...
Ghost of You | ✔ by theGhoulBoys_
Ghost of You | ✔by •.¸♡ 𝕿𝖆𝖛𝖆𝖓𝖆 ♡¸.•
"I'm not the one who can see ghosts" "I'm not the one who is a ghost" "That was actually really hurtful" "Aww I'm so...
Ghost Of Me ✔ by theGhoulBoys_
Ghost Of Me ✔by •.¸♡ 𝕿𝖆𝖛𝖆𝖓𝖆 ♡¸.•
"Reena, what does that mean?" "It means that we both have to move on, Loki." "I'm not letting you go, ever. I love you, so much and if you think...
Humari Second Hand Shaadi(Devakshi FF) #Wattys2017 by beautifulangeloflife
Humari Second Hand Shaadi( beautifulangeloflife
Highest ranking #3 on 3/10/2016 This book is private ! You have to follow me and readd this book in your library inorder to read it. This is the story of Dev Dixit one o...
Crushing Bad by Mac_77
Crushing Badby ✩𝐌𝐚𝐜✩
What do you do when you have a crush on someone from your friend group? It was strange how she'd suddenly found herself watching him more intently than before and had h...
Sadistic  by ladystardusttt
Sadistic by Lady stardust
I swear I'm in love, it's just it comes with a price
A love yet tragic story between a Goryeo Princess named Han Yeon Hwa and their Royal Guard named Lee Yoo Soo. "A Princess is born to be a Queen not the bride of a R...
My Love Came Because Of Dad (Yoongi ff) Bts by pantheraeva
My Love Came Because Of Dad ( Tida
Being known as the person whose family went from being billionaires to slightly well off is not exactly a great thing. My mom was killed in an accident when I was a baby...
Love  Change My Life by Ritchelplaza
Love Change My Lifeby chelllllll
This is story is love change my life....sya si April gan siya ay nagamnesia kaya nde nya alam kong anong nangyare may kapatid sya na lalake pero nawala at dahil don sya...
Him and I  by bandclass
Him and I by bandclass
Alyssa has had a relationship with her ex Dustin. They have been on and off since high school. Dustin has had a best friend since he was fourteen. Dustin and Hunter are...
Siya ay gangster pero napakabait at matulungin sya si kim ashley evans hinde nga alm na ang papasukan nya ay pamamayari ng kangyang pamilya nde rin nga alm dahil sa sch...
It's Complicated || Larry & Ziam [COMPLETED] by cigarettelwt
It's Complicated || Larry & Ziam [ oops! ◟̽◞̽
Louis didn't like Harry, and he was fine with that. Harry didn't really like him either, so it was okay. Liam didn't want to like Zayn, but he did anyway. Zayn didn't wa...
Hell Beside You by 2Krunk
Hell Beside Youby 2Krunk
A Ted Bundy fanfic *LONG CHAPTERS* *A WORK IN PROGRESS * -there is a bit of drug use ngl - What do you think happens when you put two murderers together? Chaos. Period...
Shrek x Farquaad smut by Cupcakecloverpetal
Shrek x Farquaad smutby Cupcakecloverpetal
This is a detailed story of how the real story of shrek goes...
When good meets evil•K.T.H✔️ by StarHols
When good meets evil•K.T.H✔️by ✨🅂🅃🄰🅁✨
'I have feelings for the man I'm meant to kill.'
Cheater by XharwaX
Cheaterby Harwa💜
During the selection, America had settled things with Aspen after becoming an elite. She had committed her everything to winning Maxon over. And she did in the end. But...