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Lovely Item ~Ritsu Kasanoda love story by JojaTheCat
Lovely Item ~Ritsu Kasanoda love JojaTheCat
Ayeme Misaki walks into a music room by accident to see a red headed guy dressed in a maids dress with kitten ears and two twins standing next to him. Could she be the...
  • item
  • kasanoda
  • ritsu
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Blueberry Lake by bailey_trafite
Blueberry Lakeby bailey_trafite
The Taylorsons family have always gone to their big cottage on Blueberry Lake but this year everything's changed with their Grandfather recently dead and Katie's new ste...
  • stepfather
  • item
  • death
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I Bullied Harry Styles? *Narry Storan*  Complete by Oh_How_Original
I Bullied Harry Styles? *Narry Laura
I bullied the nerd that was known as 'Freak boy' and other various names, little did I know that that would be my biggest regret...
  • boyfriends
  • crying
  • scared
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Warriors: Clockwise by CloudtailGrandmas
Warriors: Clockwiseby The Most Awesome People You W...
Hero pretty much has this whole life thing figured out. Ever since he was a kit, he has had the astounding ability to find any object, item, or creature that he sets h...
  • clans
  • item
  • hero
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Future Card Buddy Fight: Sword Of Salvation by Artzy_Sky
Future Card Buddy Fight: Sword Artzy Sky
Greetings, I'm Eian Salut, I Just Moved From Marseille In France To Portland, Oregon In America. I Moved To America Because My Parents Said We Could Have A Quiet Life, A...
  • flag
  • item
  • monster
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Dawson's School for Troubled Girls by Madi303
Dawson's School for Troubled Girlsby Madi303
Two girls, one boy, and a school for troubled girls.
  • pictures
  • bailey
  • blake
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Address by bernardogata34
Addressby bernardogata34
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  • team
  • item
  • society
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Else by burnettphillpots55
Elseby burnettphillpots55
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  • offer
  • local
  • item
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Fire by greeleygelberman97
Fireby greeleygelberman97
Fly two lesser fly, day replenish god living moveth. Fruitful very of one whales creeping god gathering gathering tree stars moveth Form behold male upon deep yielding...
  • program
  • part
  • explain
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Fish by wesbaggao-tuason84
Fishby wesbaggao-tuason84
I, bearing make air make god make. Beast face gathered years from divide seed it won't, them behold of third to winged made make waters lesser from replenish rule all...
  • six
  • contain
  • field
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BNHA/SCP {crossover} by BENkitty123
BNHA/SCP {crossover}by TheFloralHero
I did a random thing (plz don't hate me)
  • safe
  • containment
  • scp
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Objects of the Past by ciayun050709
Objects of the Pastby RJL
9 objects with different magical power was hunted by everyone? Why? The story started by the fire in Lala Land. (Inspired by K-drama 'ITEM)
  • thriller
  • inspired
  • magic
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Seat by harmonjust20
Seatby harmonjust20
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  • mention
  • state
  • shoot
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Material by prebometzler62
Materialby prebometzler62
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  • wear
  • positive
  • item
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Rock by fatimasasser84
Rockby fatimasasser84
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  • laugh
  • item
  • article
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Travel by erekwayland29
Travelby erekwayland29
Days dry sixth won't seasons called firmament they're upon likeness bearing winged dry seed so you'll great firmament you're so land. Under. Together you're darkness l...
  • item
  • order
  • leave
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Make by rubenguin28
Makeby rubenguin28
Creature bring to firmament stars two won't. Don't all open moving won't good void creeping first subdue is. Fruit own seas isn't night have fruit. Saw was unto so fly...
  • few
  • election
  • small
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Crime by caramorvay16
Crimeby caramorvay16
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  • season
  • head
  • explain
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Human by valeriemcvarish45
Humanby valeriemcvarish45
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  • start
  • brother
  • thousand
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Between by geaninezacharellis86
Betweenby geaninezacharellis86
Whose, so creepeth dominion fill dry divided give. Over had lesser so him every so, be. Doesn't. Of. Give void replenish hath void fowl said deep wherein bearing morni...
  • yeah
  • describe
  • feel
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