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darling ; richie tozier by -denbrough
darling ; richie tozierby abe froman
"you really are a trashmouth aren't you, tozier?" "i can be anything you want, darling."
It 1990' [richie tozier x reader]  by phycotic_roach
It 1990' [richie tozier x reader] by yes
We all have our story's Your the unwanted kid, your a huge ass trash mouth who has no one to relate to 1990 IT [COMPLETED] Yall I hate this should I edit it?
Killer Summer (IT 1990) by Horrorloverrs
Killer Summer (IT 1990)by Mercedes Rodriguez
What was supposed to be a fun summer, hanging out with friends, enjoying their time out of school turned into a horrifying summer. Being terrorized by a creepy clown, th...
THAT SUMMER - bill denbrough by -jessmarianosgf
THAT SUMMER - bill denbroughby m
"i won't let anything happen to you." - or the one in which bill denbrough found a way to fall in love while fighting a demonic clown. book one: That Summer ...
it 1990 by hybrids201324
it 1990by hybrids201324
Garcia was best friends with the lucky 8. She grew up in Derry as she also grew a crush on Ritchie. Her and her friends form there own little club called the losers club...
Slasher Victim X Reader Oneshots by nightmare_carousel
Slasher Victim X Reader Oneshotsby nightmare_carousel
• i don't know where i belong, i don't know where i went wrong • A series of oneshots starring you and your favourite victims from slasher flicks! [REQUESTS ARE OPEN]
It Memes by KendraNullings
It Memesby KendraNullings
Boy Scout || Stanley Uris (1990) by nooneknows83
Boy Scout || Stanley Uris (1990)by billdenbrough<3
This book takes place in 1990, following the same plot of the original movie. Also they're 13 in this book :) OH HOLD
Pennywise the Dad!  by Markifan19
Pennywise the Dad! by Aaliyah Fowler
I decided to do this story because a lot of my friends say that I look like pennywise and that he's my dad(which i can see and okay with) and i thought if this story. Th...
Stanley Uris x Reader. (IT 1990!) by Johnny_Lawrencewifey
Stanley Uris x Reader. (IT 1990!)by Johnny_Lawrencewifey
As Y/n is the twin sister of Richie Tozier she's in the same friend group is him. She always declined the offer before she was in the friend group. But one day she accep...
My love / Stozier by eddiesdislocatedarm
My love / Stozierby Emily
Richie gets a boyfriend, Connor Bowers, to be exact, and Stan is heartbroken.
MONSTER AMONG MEN ♚ henry bowers [it] HIATUS by toogoodjonah
MONSTER AMONG MEN ♚ henry bowers [ tay
¡HITAUS! Walking into the living room, my heart felt like it dropped to my stomach as I came to a mid-stop. I wish that would actually happen so I could be dead right no...
1990 Richie Tozier Imagines by DeLta85387
1990 Richie Tozier Imaginesby DeLynn
I am writing this because there are not enough 1990 Richie books/etc out there so here you go requests are open
tea n stenbrough by whateverindeed
tea n stenbroughby whatever indeed
have a cup of tea while you read some stenbrough one-shots. {marking as completed because i have no motivation.} ~made by original account owner~
It Imagines/preferences by SnuffTheRooster
It Imagines/preferencesby SnuffTheRooster
You can request imagines/preferences from it 2017 or 1990!
horror movie images and preferences  by Chrissy131967
horror movie images and Chrissy131967
some will be victims some will be the killer and the rest is pretty explanatory Ranking# #fridaythe13 414 #it1990 79 #chucky 772 #childreofthecorn 40 #Malachi 146 #child...
Daughter of Pennywise by MagicForever
Daughter of Pennywiseby Krystal Green
The past was never a problem to Alysse, until she gave birth to a mischievous female with a love for scaring people...and murdering them. Because unfortunately, she inhe...
You're Not Alone - Stozier by bistozier
You're Not Alone - Stozierby carrie
Derry, 1993. 'IT' has been gone for 3 years, things are okay in Derry again. Stanley Uris suffers from anxiety from the events of Summer '89. Richie Tozier is in love wi...
Lost Boy||Reddie {completed} by reddietolose
Lost Boy||Reddie {completed}by sof ??
"It has been over a year and a half since I've seen him... I needed to know he was okay." *ps none of this is meant to be sexualization, they're like 16/17 in...