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The Things Kept Hidden by stormcause
The Things Kept Hiddenby stormcause
Although he disappeared when he was a boy, Mitch believes that his father is still alive and no amount of convincing can get him to change his mind. Team Crafted don't f...
The Things Kept Hidden: Forever Revealed by stormcause
The Things Kept Hidden: Forever stormcause
(Sequel to The Things Kept Hidden) With the family imprisoned and undergoing who knows what at the hands of Israphel, Mitch is tempted to feel like the weight of the wor...
Damaged by Utheniniel
Damagedby Utheniniel
All seems well in the Tekkit server, but when a new threat is uncovered and a traitor is among them, what will happen too the two brothers Martyn and Toby?
The Legend of Herobrine by Bladewing683
The Legend of Herobrineby Bladewing683
PREQUEL TO THE HYBRIDS OF TEAM CRAFTED SERIES After the creation of Minecraftia, Brine was created. Notch called him his brother, and made him immortal. Brine strived to...
𝙶𝚛𝚎𝚢 by ElectriCura
𝙶𝚛𝚎𝚢by Cura
Grey or gray is an intermediate colour between black and white. It is a neutral colour or achromatic colour, meaning literally that it is a colour "without colour&q...
The evil inside me by Ailumer
The evil inside meby Chloé
This is a story of when Rythian was possessed by the evil red eyed monster which was thought to be dead, killed by the famous spaceman and his dwarf friend. The cover wa...
Fall of the Endermage by Mietiethiel
Fall of the Endermageby Mietiethiel
Rythian and Zoey are just returning from ravs bar after looking at the crater of blackrock and baby jim. all is going happily until they bump into Duncan. And when a old...
Torches, Goggles, And Jaffas. by AuthorForHire
Torches, Goggles, And That Broke Fan
A Spaceman, a dwarf, a mad scientist and their journies throughout Minecraftia. They get into as much trouble as you would expect, but when an Ender Mage starts hunting...
Ascension- An Aion Fanfiction [ON HOLD] by MrDrProfessor
Ascension- An Aion Fanfiction [ MrDrProfessor
Read and experience the story of one Elyos Gladiator in his journey to regain his lost memories, conquer his enemies, and save all of Elysea! Please Vote and Comment bel...
The Ongoing War (Revamp!!) by GreenTide
The Ongoing War (Revamp!!)by DuckyMcDuckingson
Minecraftia had many names: Tekkit Topia, Middle World, Earth. There was one thing they all had in common however, a war had started seven years ago but had been left un...
Hybrids of Team Crafted: The Devil's Revenge by Bladewing683
Hybrids of Team Crafted: The Bladewing683
SEQUEL TO HYBRIDS OF TEAM CRAFTED After the battle with Entity, Team Crafted thought that they could afford some chilling and relaxing time, at least, for a while. After...
My Semper Dragon by KrystalEnderheart
My Semper Dragonby KrystalEnderheart
Set in a universe where every dragon has a rider and every rider has a dragon. A group meeting is called by Ridegdog, the legendary Dragon of the Nova. True identies are...
The Space Man and the Dwarf by Chickenfajitaman
The Space Man and the Dwarfby Chickenfajitaman
What happens if the modern world, and a fantasy world collide? Join Lewis and Simon as they go on a adventure to save not only the Queen... but the world..
The Last Yogscast Member by Mikkua
The Last Yogscast Memberby Mikkua
This is a story about Yogscast Halloween party that goes horribly wrong. A dark evil is waiting for them and if it gets it will through, no one will leave the mansion al...
Reflections and Changes {Yogscast} by recuperatioUnum
Reflections and Changes {Yogscast}by Cassandra
During a free moment on their newest adventure together, Skylord Lysander takes a moment to reflect upon who Xephos used to be, and what he's changed to be over the year...