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The Survivors (ORIGINAL) by WynterReign
The Survivors (ORIGINAL)by WynterReign
A plane crash lands on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. Only twelve survivors. No adults and no parents. The island itself holds dark secrets. Battling nature and t...
| The Survivors | by WynterReign
| The Survivors |by WynterReign
A plane crash lands on a remote island in the northern Pacific Ocean leaving only twelve survivors. The island holds dark and dangerous secrets that threaten the lives o...
Stranded by BrandonFitz
Strandedby BrandonFitz
A young boy named David goes on a fishing trip with his father. What they didn't know is that they would get caught in a storm and separated. Now David has to figure out...
Lonely Island Survival by PennilessFoodie
Lonely Island Survivalby PennilessFoodie
Follow a man in his struggle to survive on a deserted island Lonely, Hungry, Nothing but clothes on his back Motivated by just eating food the next day
Jurassic park adventure across site C by NickLee535
Jurassic park adventure across Godzilla guy 54
A group of teenagers and their school teacher have gone to the wrong island, instead of going to the correct location they have gone to isla Muerta, Site C, where dinosa...
A Triangle In Bermuda? by JuneBugTheory
A Triangle In Bermuda?by Polynumeral
Brian was on a cruise, if you could call it that, off of the coast of Florida with his fiancee, Chelsey, and her brother, Spencer. A storm hits and drags them out into...
Minecraft island of no name by luke92
Minecraft island of no nameby luke92
My first story on watt pad about being stuck on a island out at sea in minecraft with no chance. Of help and deadly mobs !
ISLAND by LachlanMK
A 14 year old boy and his best friend go on a fishing trip and ending up finding an undiscovered Island that only everybody below the age of 15 can see...
The Fallen Survivors by Absolute_Psycho
The Fallen Survivorsby Absolute_Psycho
One island, eight young adults and one goal to survive. Eight uni students survive a devastating plane crash and end up stranded on a mysterious island. There are many s...
Vengeance by ijewkesyouout
Vengeanceby Your mom
Improved version of the original and unfinished Vengeance. John finds himself in a hungry storm, ready to swallow him and his boat. John and the people on the boat succe...