Guilt, trust, love by mamatagandhe
Guilt, trust, loveby mamatagandhe
This story begins from the scene when Raman sings a song to calm Shagun down and Ishita heard it.
  • raman
  • song
  • love
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Twin Troubles Ishra SS by Jasminearun
Twin Troubles Ishra SSby
This is about the twin sisters who do identity swapping and fool the best frends Raman and Abhishek
  • yehaimohabbatein
  • ishra
  • friendship
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my sisters heart by NteeTheArtist
my sisters heartby Ntyndow Pretty
two sisters one soul,one heart and two different journeys. This is the story of Ishita and Shagun Iyer who have always been each others support until they both fall in l...
  • romance
  • firstlove
  • yehhaimohabbattein
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Always Only You  by Suhani_Saathiya
Always Only You by Suhani _Saathiya
A story about IshRa and her family. The ups and downs of their marriage and the past,that always wants to come between them
  • yhm
  • yehhaimohabbatein
  • ishitabhalla
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Love Me by Nithya83
Love Meby Nithya83
Raman Kumar Bhalla has everything in life. He is a living Greek God, extremely powerful, extremely rich and woman kisses the ground he walks in. He doesn't believe in Lo...
  • protective
  • engagement
  • wedding
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This story ws my FIRST story but I didnt posted on wattpad... So here it is after alot of dilemma.... 🙈🤗 This is after d CS incident n bhallas n iyers had left for d...
  • divan
  • ishra
  • divyankatripathidahiya
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Trust Makes Love Beautiful by ---thefiction---
Trust Makes Love Beautifulby Sneha
Love story of Raman and ishita if they were in college
  • love
  • divyankatripathi
  • karanpatel
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SamAina SS ~ TASHAN WALA PYAR by PrincessMansi
#3 ENMITY - 13/11/18 #6 PREETI - 17/11/18 #3 SWATI - 17/11/18 #5 PREEDIT - 17/11/18 #4 MUNNA - 17/11/18 #3 SWAMUN - 17/11/18 #8 TASHAN - 17/11/18 #5 PANDIT - 17/11/18 #9...
  • friendsturningfoes
  • ishita
  • naina
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Mohabbatein by Suhani_Saathiya
Mohabbateinby Suhani _Saathiya
New Story about IshRa ❤️
  • raman
  • yehhaimohabbatein
  • love
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Aye zindagi yeh tu nay kia kya by Rabi238
Aye zindagi yeh tu nay kia kyaby Rabi238
This is story is about ishita and her journey from being emotionless, rude and arrogant to acheiving liveliness and happiness back in life. In my story ishita went in me...
  • love
  • ishrudi
  • mohabbatein
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My Baby's Mother by ishra_soul
My Baby's Motherby ishrasoul
Raman working in his office totally engrossed in work his sole attention was to prepare a perfect presentation... His chain of thoights gets broke as his phone rings...
  • ishita
  • ramanbhalla
  • baby
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Ishra SS - Love Marriage by divancute
Ishra SS - Love Marriageby sree
It's a story about ishra..
  • love
  • ishita
  • lovestory
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Kismat by ishra_soul
Kismatby ishrasoul
CHARACTERS sketch: Raman kumar bhallar: ceo of bhalla industries son of santosh and omprakash bhalla, loving caring and kind at heart... want to marry a simple tradition...
  • yhm
  • marriage
  • ishra
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Her majesty by NteeTheArtist
Her majestyby Ntyndow Pretty
The story of a princess(Ishita)who fell in love with a common man(Raman) when she was betrothed to a Prince (Subbu),They face a lot of obstacles from their families, fri...
  • ishra
  • wattys2018
  • yehhaimohabbattein
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curse on love by sona43
curse on loveby sona43
An ishra supernatural story Two Short
  • ishra
  • yhm
Manzil (Destination)MaNan ArShi SS by Jasminearun
Manzil (Destination)MaNan ArShi SSby
This SS is not a love story.It's an emotional family drama on the problems caused when a son is a bit too attached to his mother.My dearest friend Sydell wanted me to w...
  • relationship
  • kyy
  • ipkknd
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Desire by Veedeeann
Desireby Veedeeann
"Not fair" she whispered breathlessly. " You're only supposed to look" "Is that right? " his voice was teasing, but thick with passion. &qu...
  • passion
  • fanfiction
  • ishitaraman
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Rang Diya Tere Ishq ne by ishra_soul
Rang Diya Tere Ishq neby ishrasoul
A story of two different individual having 12 year age difference but ties in marriage will they get their share of love from life...
  • ishita
  • ishra
  • raman
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Don't Let Me Go by Nithya83
Don't Let Me Goby Nithya83
Ishita Ashok Khanna, now Ishita Iyer is a widow. Her husband passed away a week ago in a gruesome accident or so everyone thought. Her ex-boyfriend is back in her life a...
  • pregnant
  • marriage
  • mystery
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AdiYa OS: Ek DiL by Sh_aarohi
AdiYa OS: Ek DiLby Sh_aarohi
A Women's Heart Is An Ocean of Deep Secrets .
  • yhm
  • ishra
  • beyhadh
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