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Guilt, trust, love by mamatagandhe
Guilt, trust, loveby Mamata Gandhe
This story begins from the scene when Raman sings a song to calm Shagun down and Ishita heard it.
the incredible love by shahrani0
the incredible loveby shahrani0
losing Ruhi in such a terrible incident shattered her beyond what she ever imagen. they was the only thing left for now, death, the love of her love have left her, so wh...
Shocks in Love by maya_309
Shocks in Loveby Maya
Story based on the current track :)
Ishra SS-A MISTRESS by yhmstory
Ishra SS-A MISTRESSby yhmstory
A story of REVENGE...
Trust Makes Love Beautiful by ---thefiction---
Trust Makes Love Beautifulby Sneha
Love story of Raman and ishita if they were in college
Tum yun mile ho jabse mujhe  by priyankaMehra10
Tum yun mile ho jabse mujhe by priyankaMehra10
A story where Raman's wife dies in a accident while ishita had a bad experience from her previous marriage will destiny bring ishra together? Will they fall in love?
Kiss series by Akriti154
Kiss seriesby Akriti
Starting from raman's first peck on cheek to ishita, developing to ishra relationship, confession, consummation, her pregnancy and much more. Pure ishra romance with les...
You know what you mean to me ✔ by ishra_soul
You know what you mean to me ✔by ishrasoul
Life was going smoothly.. but tragdey an accident between highly powerful, influential and rich Bhallas and middle class Iyars few members of both family inj...
Koi mujhko yun mila hai by Akriti154
Koi mujhko yun mila haiby Akriti
A journey of a sex worker who bumps into a businessman and her life changes forever... #1 in ishra #2 in divan sep 13
Kaun Kiska ✔️ by Veedeeann
Kaun Kiska ✔️by Veedeeann
A comparison of two relationships- one blossoming, the other decaying. One which starts with a compromise but develops into true and abiding love. The other which starts...
SS - MYSTIC RAPTURES by anuishradivan
IshRa & their never ending pending romance!!! <3
ALWAYS THERE by mamatagandhe
ALWAYS THEREby Mamata Gandhe
It's a new dimension to the story of YHM from the point where Subbu reentered in Raman-Ishita's life.
Mohabbatein by Suhani_Saathiya
Mohabbateinby Suhani _Saathiya
New Story about IshRa ❤️
Because.......... I LOVE YOU! by KashishAbidi
Because.......... I LOVE YOU!by kayarish
This LOVE story is of Ishita and Raman interpreted by me. Story of Ishra just before leap of seven years and after leap in my way. This is fan fiction what I wanted to h...
REVERSE yhm by Nisaabdul
REVERSE yhmby Nisa abdul
IshRaRu reunion after nidhi kidnap ruhi
Faasle ✔️ by Veedeeann
Faasle ✔️by Veedeeann
She had made a fool of him, betrayed him. He had broken her trust, betrayed her. And each had done it for the other. Their love was indisputable, But is love enough when...
Unwanted Wife by WithloveGia
Unwanted Wifeby Gia
Ishita, a orphan, was pushed to a high class society. A completely different place to lead her life. A place where her husband pays her monthly as if some help. A place...
TÃÑGŁĖD ŁÔVÉ.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❗️ by Nisaabdul
TÃÑGŁĖD ŁÔVÉ.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❗️by Nisa abdul
R~ RÃMAÑ 👨🎩💼👟👞👕👔👓👤💎👣 I~ IŚHITÅ👩👄👑👙💅👛👗💍💌 RU~ RŪHÌ 👸👛👗👒👡👠💄🌂 S~ SHĀGUŃ 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬